Go tell the general form post you too want the option to go back to using two handers if you so choose. Nothing to me compars to a hand of rag enhancement running around. Now that was an enhancement shaman. So go to the general forms tell them all you want two handed enhancement back! We need the support of all shamans tbh. Yes I’m a warrior but I do love the shaman counterpart as I feel a warrior and a shaman would get along quiet well in the game world.


Enhancemnet shaman since BC here. I endorse this message.


As a long-time proponent of 2H Enhancement, I don’t think it’s in the cards. My guess is that Frost will essentially play the same, whereas variability in WF damage, Maelstrom Weapon procs, etc. is going to be more than they want to tackle.

Frost only lost 2H in Legion, IIRC. Enh hasn’t really had it since Vanilla (you could troll around PvP for Windfuries if you were extra geared, but it wasn’t viable in PvE).


Ok I hear you but it’s an option. for the shaman playerbase to use. Its not just frost getting the treatment but brewmaster and ww. I know plenty of shamans that loved two hander use, furthermore when you think of the two handed fire lords hammer you’d think that’s a shaman wielder of the elemants weapon. It wont really change much itd just be a two handed animation opposed to duel wield. Every race has all the animation already built into them. No one should want less customization choices. It doesnt hurt anyone for the lords of the windfury to have that choice. It makes it easier to gear as well if you chose to be a two handed enhancement.


If Maelstrom Weapon charges are based on % chance on weapon hit, they’d have to update the proc chance to make 2H not feel anemic. Depending on how much damage WF imbues will do (if it’s scaled based on weapon speed or just raw damage or something), a 2H will need to be scaled appropriately to avoid TBC-era slot machine kills.

For Shaman, it’s never just been an animation difference, which is why it’s never really been in the cards. Shamans know it deep down, too, if they have Vanilla/TBC experience. They just might not want to say it.


I mean it’s a new expansion this would be the time change it. And deep down it’s always been about the fun. Are you saying you dont want others to have the fun? That argument you used isnt Valid as well since frost dks and fury warriors had the same issue. And it was more viable to he duel wield frost and tg fury. So you cant use the whole it doesnt work because x is a factor. Blizzard can make it work regardless.


I support the choice of two handed shaman as a big boy who wants to slay with a big weapon


Give us the option as well, if Frost DK’s have it, why can’t we?


2h enhance, 100% yes make it happen if its viable or not give us the option to be different and have fun


For a lot of potential/mechanical reasons.


Then they should change the mechanics to make it work or make it more of a cosmetic change.

Letting WW monks and Frost DK’s have that option feels massively unfair to Enhancement shamans who have been asking for this option for years. Why even allow us to even equip two-handed maces and axes anymore if we can’t -really- play with them? It makes no sense.


Raigor is against fun, he seems to think they cant tweak numbers to make it work.


I can understand the worry about not having enough procs because of a slow 2h weapon but who says you cant make a insane haste build to make up for that heavy ol weapon your swinging , I don’t see it being a issue


Player choice and fun > one weapon option performing better than another.


There are far more shamans who support it then who don’t. And the ones that dont support it dont have a good reason for not supporting it.


So you want enhance to only be viable at the end of the expansion when those insane haste builds are possible

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stacking a certain stat can be done no matter what patch of the expansion it is.

That’s not what he was saying, he is saying he wants the choice and if the one time two handed is viable is with a lot of haste he is fine. It doesnt effect duelwielding shamans in anyway or form.


Yea, but not enough

Just because you ask for something doesn’t mean you’ll get it. They figured out a way to enable 2H for certain specs without major concern for the rotation/feel of the spec in combat. Odds are it was a quick/easy win for them moving into the new expac.

Enhancement would take actual work, testing, redesign to get right. I’m surprised they’re doing as much as they are, to try to balance 2H and DW against one another? I just don’t see it, unfortunately.

And despite thinking I’m not for fun, I was the guy who spent hours testing 2H usage in WotLK. I figured out that even just 1 stack of MW meant that your swing timer wasn’t reset from spells with cast times, so with 2 or 3 stacks you could actually weave a Lava Burst/Lightning Bolt in between swings. I posted on the forums about it back in the day, and most people didn’t even believe me that it’s how it worked.

I’ve spent more time thinking about 2H Enhance in my life than most of the people posting on this forum combined. I love 2H Enhance. It isn’t coming back.