Elephant in the Room: Can we talk about how Blizzard hates Monks?

It’s funny because they are like 6% behind havoc/rogues and even less to rets, but warriors are so broken and melee spots are limited so it’s a tough sell getting in.

When you have 9 of the 12 classes all have a melee dps spec and you only want 4-6 melee…

And it’s not like raids are bringing a bunch of feral/ret/enhance/survival instead.


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Monks are underrepresented in endgame content because Monks are by far the least popular class for a variety of reasons. WW is maybe a bit underpowered in PvE right now but MW was absolutely busted pre RM nerf and is still very strong in M+.

Are they odd and feel like a weird addition to wow? Yes.

Do I find them boring as heck? Yes.

Are they bad? Nah.

They don’t hate monks. They just don’t care about monks.

Actually, nobody cares about monks. At all.

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The elephant in the room is that no one cares about monks because they’re a joke class that doesn’t fit WoW.

Well, the GCD is the only thing that frustrates me with monks. Makes them feel unusually slow. Give us our buffs back. I also liked that fire flower spell, too. It was essentially our ranged Hadoken and gave us distant attacks when we’re moving.

I really loved monks back during MoP when it was introduced. I made so many monks… I still like them to this day, but they don’t feel right, if that makes sense.

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Well that is just false.

WOAH WOAH WOAH! You can’t say that where blizzard can hear you. Now they gonna remove the fun aspect out of your class D:

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Monk is the best tank in the game lmao

I’m not sure about the numbers, but I love my monk, its the only reason I still even play retail, I don’t feel hated even slightly as much as I did when I played a paladin back in the day, THAT felt like hatred.

I still think mistweaver needs help for the dungeon setup for sure along with better unpruining…but have you seen the Shadowlands changes for Brewmaster they are almost reverting a significant amount of stuff to make them pretty darn close to how MoP brew was.

5% physical damage is hard to beat. I do wish they did more for monks in bfa though, I quit playing mine in the bfa prepatch when i realized that bfa monk was just a dumbed down legion monk without leggos/tier/artifacts.

Oh please. They literally did a change specifically for PvP like 3 days ago.

Just because they haven’t deleted corruptions from the game for PvP doesn’t mean they don’t balance separately. This is also completely ignoring the fact a lot of damage corruptions have reduced damage in PvP.

Sure buddy.

Go back to trolling the arena forums if you aren’t going to add anything constructive here.

I’ll get right on that.

They butchered vivify and moving while casting from legion turning them into a terrible healing option. Damage needed adjustment though, in legion you just pressed fof and could lead the charts.

So actually they did not make:

*sorry for all the edits, I can’t link for the life of me.

And with Io considering AoE tanks as degenerate, I don’t know how to go to the monk, or is that it, or don’t you have good use of your mastery?

And in healer I don’t know why it will go wrong, they have not changed anything in fact if it cures better than other classes.

or there are few who do not use it, or it is not like in MoP times, although I do not know if it was op at that time.