Elephant in the Room: Can we talk about how Blizzard hates Monks?

---- Raiding ----

Worst Healers:
warcraftlogsdotcom -> /zone/statistics/24#metric=hps&dataset=95&class=Healers

Worst DPS:
warcraftlogsdotcom -> /zone/statistics/24#metric=dps&dataset=95&class=DPS

Worst Damage Taken (Tank):
warcraftlogsdotcom -> /zone/statistics/24#metric=dps&dataset=95&class=Tanks

---- Mythic Plus ----

Second to Last Healer (priest shows up twice):
warcraftlogsdotcom -> /zone/statistics/20#metric=playerscore&dataset=95&class=Healers

#16/24 in DPS:
warcraftlogsdotcom -> /zone/statistics/20#metric=playerscore&dataset=95&class=DPS

… Lastly…

warcraftlogsdotcom -> /zone/statistics/20#metric=playerscore&dataset=95&class=Tanks


I guess if you wanna be a Monk and play high-end PVE content you need to play Brewmaster in Mythic Dungeons because you suck at literally everything else. Even the best Mistweaver in raid will only be as good as a crappy Priest or Paladin.

It’s almost like someone at Blizzard just HATES monks?? What. The. Hell!?

Can someone at least aknowledge this? Instead of balancing us out when we actually managed to compete you broke us. Now we have nothing!!

All the top Monk players on Twitch have rerolled Druid or Paladin. I cannot believe that Blizzard just does nothing about this. At least delete me or make up some sh*tty excuse to turn me into a druid or pally and delete the class.


… And yet nearly every team for this years AWC in Europe and US has atleast 1 monk.

I know its pvp but still.


Did you seriously somehow twist brewmasters into being bad at raid tanking??? With some horrible damage taken metric while ignoring how pants on head stupid strong stagger is in progression to basically be gib immune??

Yes, MW and WW are weak in raiding.

And the rest is a stretch as all 3 are solid in mythic+ and WW and MW are amazing in PvP. This past tournament was even having double monk teams.


I don’t feel hated. My class is fun. But I guess fun is not the same as numbers.


No one hates monks. They’ve never known what to do with the class, and it’s felt like it shouldn’t have been added to the game at all.

You play a monk you need to accept that you’re going to be riding a rollercoaster of really good and really bad until the day they shut the servers down. It’s a class without any design identity, and blizzard has never and will never be able to get it into as consistent a spot as the legacy classes


I don’t do rated but in randoms, a good monk is a true force to contend with. They don’t seem bad there at all.


Monks are decent (but have gotten MUCH worse) in M+.

Brewmaster is still great at least.

Windwalker and Mistweaver are both excellent in PvP.

Mistweaver had an extremely broken build because Blizzard was extremely short-sighted with the buffs they gave Rising Mist. It was without a shadow of a doubt the best healer spec to have ever existed in this game’s history, no question.

That said, Windwalker needs Jesus right now in PvE. It’s impossible to justify running one over a Demon Hunter or Outlaw Rogue in dungeons right now even if it isn’t bad, and it’s by far the most undertuned DPS spec in the game besides Subtlety, but Subtlety got absolutely bludgeoned after it was viable for one boss in Uldir.

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They had one it was their mobility over the other classes. Then they made DH.


That was a mistake.

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DH absolutely was just a mash-up of every other classes identities rolled into one. Warlock, Warrior, Rogue, Monk, all of it. That’s why it’s such a popular and fun-to-play class - it feels like the best parts of all those other classes (Because it is).

Monk having mobility doesn’t mean anything if its numbers are always going to be sub-par. Especially in a game where everything has stupid amounts of mobility.


Mistweaver performs well in MDI, but that’s mostly because of way of the crane on packs of 20. I’m not sure how they will be after the target cap.

That being said, monks have a very versatile kit and can really specialize into aoe or single target healing. Their weakness lies in mana management and no DR cooldowns without the boost in throughput to compensate.

What’s that one talent monks get, chi torpedo I think? Yeah I was confused why they’re nerfing it and in turn monks mobility a bit in shadowlands.

I mean I used to hate monks but I never hated monks. I hated some of the stuff they could do. Karma always felt kinda BS to me as a defensive option in PvP but I learned how to handle and get around that. Now I don’t hate them. They bring a nice utility in to M+ in the form of their debuff (All specs have), ring of peace and AoE stun.

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Monks are fine. Players who dont know how to play them are the problem

Also linking logs are useless

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Your elephant doo-doo’d on my news feed. I want my click back.

LOL wut? The OP is mad…

Monk dps and heals need help in the raid department but the class is extremely strong in every other avenue


they dont… blizzard dont do much with monks because of how much players grow hate on pandas and monks overall

Yes they hate a class they made an entire expansion around.

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Monks need some love right now.

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