Elephant in the Room: Can we talk about how Blizzard hates Monks?

I want to see my weapons in hand again, like a glyph that let’s me swing my swords or smack with my claws. It’s really unfair when your Artifact weapon appearances are Fist to the point if you do transmog to them, you will NEVER SEE THEM.

MW is super good in m+ and pvp right now, WW is solid in pvp as well, not sure about pve though, think their ST is lacking

I dont do either lol… but AWC was chock full of em. Some really great games!

Insert that “You are playing with the big boys now” song from Prince of Egypt.

No fun here Moses.

I’m in the “I hate monks” group, but not because of their stats or anything.

It’s their damn attack and healing animations. It just looks so goofy to watch WoW character models perform all the different poses and strikes. It drives me mad.

If it wasn’t for that I would have made a monk forever ago and never looked back. Brew Master looks like a blast to play.

Monks are pretty great to tank with.

according to these forums there’s not a single class blizzard doesn’t hate.

except maybe DHs.


I was looking for a healer to play that wasn’t Holy Pirest so I went and started leveling Mistweaver, only to find out they suck too. Why do the good healers have to be gimmicky crap? I don’t want to play Disc without a time machine to go back to MoP with.

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WW monk feels like old Machinist from Final Fantasy 14. To much work for mediocre damage.

Also bring back mobile mistwrap. I miss being able to cast that and run around.

This. Monks are not easy to play, specially Tank (with the stagger-managing thing) and Healer.

AFAIK monks are the best tanks right now.

Are monks still the least played class in the game?

Hey christina, i think you’re the only one here that hates monks.

I agree nerf DH.

Monks feel more neglected than Shamans.

I literally forget about my own monk frequently when trying to do things like send mats for an easy WQ or checking to see what classes I did a world boss on for the week.

So many ups and downs, so many changes in such a short existence.

Monk or not, but using the “They are good in PvP” or vice versa for raid to justify the poor state any class/spec is in has got to be some of the worst logic.

The 2 types of content have been balanced separately the last 2 expansions. There is no reason ever to use the above as an excuse on why something should perform badly regarding pve vs pvp.

I’m a WW monk main currently sitting at 5/12, and I’m actually steadily in the process of switching to fury/arms because I see where monk dps caps out with the best monks in the game. It’s very frustrating that the ceiling is so low for monks because I really enjoy playing one.

Except monk isn’t doing bad in PvE either. All 3 specs are great for mythic+. BM monk is the best tank for raiding out there.

What do you want them to do at the end of an expansion? Rework your class? Now?

Using one spec as an example to define an entire class as “doing well in raid” is laughable. Especially when it is a tank spec being brought up.

I get this argument when there is 2 other dps specs to spec into when one performs low but if you are content on dps in high end mythic raid content just abandon the class.

This is exactly why Monk has always been an alt and not my main. WW has always been extremely volatile from patch to patch across a few expansions now.