Dragonflight is 10.0 Done Wrong

Elaborate more on this. I’m trying to grasp your line of thought. As for the rest of it, I completely get where you’re coming from. It’s an agree to disagree situation. I just take issue with this line:

You can have brave design that is restrictive. You can have incredibly imaginative and unique design that is restrictive. Ultimately, though, the point of DnD is flexibility, hence the change. It doesn’t matter how good the design was - it simply contradicted the design intent going forward. They chose to compromise that in-depth realization in favour of broad availability. Which, again, makes sense for DnD.

Personally, when there is no mechanical difference between a Gnome Warrior and a Tauren Warrior… I find that to be boring and unimaginative. There should be significant gameplay differences informed by biology. It makes your choice of race completely inconsequential and meaningless.

I like that Dracthyr are uncompromisingly draconic. There are over a dozen other choices of races that have virtually no affect on their gameplay, with a wide array of fantasies accounted for (at least aesthetically).

And again, there is room for a boring dragonman fantasy. That’s why Drakonids should be playable. But Dracthyr? I like the uncompromised design.

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Ideally for whom?

Right I think some people assume everyone just raids in pugs running the maximum number of slots

Yeah that Ideally is all well and good but realisticly I’ve seen new class launches, if you wanna run dungeons better know a tank to queue with.

Can’t have a decent argument so gotta try to demean the stuff others want. Classic.

Unless every expansion henceforth is asking ‘but where are the Evokers’, there is going to be no variety in Dracthyr presentation. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, and if Evoker ever falls behind mechanically, Dracthyr will become extinct because, again, they can only be one class ever and always.

This kind of uniqueness is the bad kind of uniqueness. It’s like creating an android race that can only ever be the ‘Terminator’ class despite the fact that they would do perfectly well as a Warrior or a Mage or a Priest if only they were a free-thinking individual instead of a pre-programmed robot incapable of learning anything outside of their initial configuration.

Racial choice should be background information. It should inform the background of your character, not dictate it, because you are not your culture. Just because I choose ‘Dwarf’ in my character race doesn’t mean I’m a Not-Scottish drunkard that hits things with axes real good.

5 dragon instances would have been fun

Or another way of looking at it, what they keep doing is fine and this is still my favorite video game.

I play an Enhancement Shaman. I have since release. I’m still here, and have been here, even when the spec was bottom of the barrel. You do have a valid point to make here, but you are completely overstating the case. The hyperbole is doing your argument no favours.

If they made a Terminator class, only playable by androids, imbued with superhuman accuracy, durability, and computational power, it absolutely would strain credulity to have them do anything else. With those capabilities, anything else is a downgrade. Why would he choose not to run as fast as a car, scan for enemy strengths and weaknesses, use his natural durability, and so on? When you choose an android, the Terminator fantasy is what you’re signing up for. Why? To sustain the credibility of the setting.

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And you will become a stark rarity as people opt to not want to slit their wrists every time it comes to group content and decide to try something better. Which is an option. Unless you play a Dracthyr, then you’re just SOL. Wow, such a wonderful and great design choice, I get to have a permanent struggle because my preferred race is locked to a singular class.

Unless, you know, I want to be a Commander Data instead. Who would be a more common class instead of something Android-specific.

This is why you don’t make racials that pigeonhole a race into a particular role, it’s bad design and it makes your race one-note.

Very dramatic.

Commander Data, who can be used as a floatation device? Backup computer? Unstoppable strength? Superhuman speed? What you are asking for is a Data that would allow his crewmates to die if the tasks required to save their lives would require him to exceed artificial human limitations. Yes, the dude wants to be human… but his entire arc, ostensibly seeking to become human, is about accepting himself as a unique individual and essentially embracing his android nature. So… not the greatest example.

Again, it’s not that Dracthyr would be incapable of being a Warrior, Monk, Mage, Priest, or whatever else. It’s that making them those classes would necessitate ignoring their innate abilities, which makes no sense.

Should you be able to be a Dracthyr that is able to pick up a sword and do some damage with it, without forgetting how to fly? Absolutely! But WoW isn’t that flexible. It never has been. And probably never will be.

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And not untrue.

The entire point of using Data as an example is because he does not let his identity as an android define himself. He is a Starfleet Officer first, THEN an Android. Just like how one might be a Warrior that happens to be a Dracthyr. Also, again, the Dracthyr’s racials should really be part of the Evoker class, with more universal versions being given to non-Evokers. Again, Evokers can Soar, but all Dracthyr can glide, because Evoker is training to bring out your full draconic potential, but you still have some baseline essentials in your racial ‘kit’.

They are doomed as a race then, because if they are that inflexible, they become obsolete content the literal moment we leave the Dragon Isles. Dragonriding is not going to be the new normal for flight in WoW.

My lived experiences says otherwise, but that’s purely anecdotal… which is nevertheless a notch above entirely speculative.

Dracthyr join the Horde or the Alliance. Being Horde or Alliance does not define their innate capabilities as Dracthyr, just as Data choosing to join Starfleet did not define his innate android abilities.

A Dracthyr isn’t going to see a friend in trouble and not fly over to them to assist them or fly them away from the hazard just because they’re wearing Alliance colours or holding a sword. Just as Data isn’t not going to leap through space, utilizing his innate nature as an android, to save his friend and crew, just because he’s in Starfleet.

I hope that your dismal vision for the future for this game never comes to pass. And it doesn’t look like it will, thankfully.

Again, you haven’t answered the question of ‘what awaits Dracthyr in the future’? Other races get to have new classes added to them. Other races even get to try NEW classes. The Dracthyr, as you want them, are going to be in the future what they are now, which is static and boring. No matter what new systems get introduced, they will be permanently excluded because, again, they can only ever be one class.

Which, when it comes to long-term viability as a racial choice, proves to be a massive problem. And yes, I know Horizon did ‘dragon-class’ nonsense. It also died in the water because that was its sole claim to fame and turns out everyone being the exact same gets rather, well, same-y. What a shock, I know.

An evoker wouldn’t do that.

A Warrior might not have a choice. Just like a Warrior could absolutely tank the hell out of a raid boss. The only thing an Evoker can tank is the floor after a boss cleave. Wait, I meant the only thing a Dracthyr can ever tank is the floor.

Yes, let’s defend laziness and half-measures pretending it’s a full-fledged race that’ll totally be relevant in the next expansion, when even the Allied Races have had more future-proofing put into them.

This is worse than borrowed power, this is borrowed content.

This has literally never mattered for any race before.

And that’s the problem. A Dracthyr Warrior literally wouldn’t be able to use his giant wings and from an immersion perspective, would just ignore that they exist? That’s asinine.

That’s just blatantly false. There’s literally no argument to be made here, because of just how self-evident the truth is. Classes and races are permanent additions to the game. Always have been. Always will be. They will grow and change just as other races and classes grow and change. There is no difference here. And it is ludicrous to suggest that it would.

And again, to be clear:

I do think that this is an issue. I just think that it would be a very lazy, half-baked solution to simply let them be more classes.

Because no other race has ever been restricted to a singular class before. Other races can have their class options expanded upon and further grown, but the Dracthyr? Always, always stuck in the singular class. Always a mail-wearer. Always a caster. Never a tank. Never a melee. Looks like they forgot they had dragon claws, but hey, easy to overlook am I right?

A Dracthyr Warrior wouldn’t have giant wings. They might have no wings. Or they might have smaller wings. Because they didn’t choose to go down the path of Evoker and develop their natural talents, they instead decided to trust in steel and shield. Hell, the Pandaren, Worgen, Tauren, and Vulpera have natural weapons, yet they turn to arms as quickly as a Human would, because it turns out putting your body versus steel tends to not work out all that well!

If the Dracthyr can’t have more classes because they’re all Evokers, then how the hell is anything changing for them? ‘Ooh, our talents got adjusted a little, now we get to do 1.5% more fire or something’.

Wow. Amazing. So much better than possibly netting Tinker or doing a cool Dracolich theme as a DK.

Then you’re not playing a Dracthyr. Full stop. You’re playing something else. What you are asking for is playable Drakonid, the long way around.

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What I’m saying is they’ve made a huge mistake in trying to tie these abilities to the race instead of the class. Again, the race has no future in expansions beyond this one because there’s no incentive to design for them. They can’t be Tinkers. They can’t be Death Knights. They can’t be Demon Hunters. They can’t be whatever new class would be invented. They will always only be Evokers.

The best the Dracthyr have to look forward to would be their talents being adjusted. Wow, what an expansion-worthy feature.

I don’t think that matters to as many people as you think it does. I could be wrong. But Blizzard has always added the most relevant classes to a race, as informed by their biology and culture. Just like Dracthyr. Yes, there are a niche amount of people that were dying to play as an Orc Priest, Tauren Rogue, or Troll Warlock… but none of those things were “make or break.” I would argue that none of them were even important to the success of those races or classes. Most people just create a character and off they go, without a second thought.

Just like any other player, now that we’ve finally ditched borrowed power.

Except other races can receive new classes. Other races can continue to grow and expand with the world as new opportunities present themselves.

Hey everyone, Tinker class! Wow, cool!

Dracthyr Player: ‘Oh, well, uh, okay.’

Hey everyone, Bard class! Wow, neat, I wanna try it!

Dracthyr Player: ‘… Guess I’ll just keep my caster macros…’

Hey everyone, Lich class! Ooh, cool! Wow, from WC3?!

Dracthyr Player: ‘… Screw this, I wanna try a new class already.’

Hell, I’m STILL waiting to play Paladin because it’s not on any of my preferred races, and if I don’t get to play the race I want to play then what’s the point?