Dragonflight is 10.0 Done Wrong

Why are we not talking about the important issue? Drac’thyr only being Evokers and Evokers only being Drac’thyr. Why does Blizzard have to learn everything the hard way and always mess something up?

You don’t release a 10.0 expansion which is a feet of strength in and of itself with a new race that most of your player base can’t seriously play in end game progression due to it’s limited raid slots. Then it is topped off with a great deal of character customization long time players of other races wish they had.

I am just not sold on Dragon Flight right now. Up front feels like too much went into the wrong basket while other stuff was overlooked or left out. Just my opinion. Subject to change. I know this is early Alpha but I do not expect Blizzard to announce anything to change this glaring issue with the new race.


SPOILER ALERT **********

The game doesn’t revolve around raiding. Move on.


Because all you took from that post was raiding…


Your entire argument revolves around this statement:

And I refute this raid-centric ideology.

Those days have come and gone. Begun the casual days have, and not a moment too soon, it was.


We have talked about it…A LOT.

But like most things on the forums, people move on to new problems over time.


Or maybe, just maybe, this isn’t a “problem” for most of us and just a very loud vocal minority. The way the devs are doing this fits the lore and I appreciate a nice balance of gameplay and RPG elements.

This is an MMORPG.


Evokers should only be Drac’thyr but Drac’thyr should be able to choose other classes within reason… although race/class combo restrictions are being slowly lifted away anyway.


I guess you can be happy that for the first time in WoW’s history, a race is being introduced that can only be one class…

There are probably more people unhappy with that design decision than you would believe.


I mean, they’ve already ‘solved’ the problem as Dracthyr will get other class options AFTER DRAGONFLIGHT


That’s not really solving the problem. Plus, an empty promise of a “future™” expansion of available classes from Blizzard is essentially worthless at this point.

Put that right in queue with heritage armor, the dance studio, and player housing


Crap take. The only thing that matters is getting development timelines under control. One race/one class for the new ones is exactly the right move. Expand later once content is out.


Drac’thyr are dragons that use dragon powers cause dragons! You can’t be a dragon with dragon powers and ignore them and just be a Monk that is ludicrous!!!

I don’t care how much it upsets you I’ll never ever allow it.


Evoker only makes sense as a class for Dracthyr as for them having other classes Blizzard have suggested they’ll add more later as they learn from other races which does make sense lore wise as they’ve been asleep for thousands of years like WoW is an RPG

As for Raids that will only effect like 1% of the playerbase so not really a problem


Yeah, I know right. They were created with those giant claws but no one ever thought to teach them how to use them. >.>

I guess the new dumb dragons are limited to breath weapons and magic spells.

If you have an op ability you use it. Try telling a Demon Hunter to be a Warrior >.>

Lorewise it really doesn’t make sense, but okay. Pretty sure the blue dragon flight literally was led by the aspect of magic, but drakthyr can’t be mages. And they’re dragons with claws and stuff, so they don’t know how to just swing them and be warriors? Are they not dragons at their core? If so, you’d think they know how to hunt prey as well. Evokers restricted to Drakthyr, sure. Drakthyr restricted to evokers doesn’t make sense from the lore, it’s just a development choice.

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The Blue Dragonflight like literally everyone else in Azeroth didn’t even know the Dracthyr existed


Idk. Source of Magic looks broken. We’ll have to see but I think you’ll definitely want atleast 1 Evoker. Cauterize or whatever its called seems crazy too.

They didn’t need to. The blue dragonflight is just that intuned with arcane magic, so it would be natural for a drakthyr that can use blue dragon magic (whatever that’s supposed to be) to also just use arcane magic.

How is the raid slot issue any different than the other times they added a new class.