Dragonflight Beta Key Giveaways Are Here!

Dragonflight Beta Key Giveaways Are Here!

Join content creators in the coming weeks for a chance to claim a Dragonflight beta key.

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This will end well


Already got mine and not from some suck up youtuber I never heard of rather get my beta from Blizz.


How about you guys stop tying this to trash like making us watch your god awful e-boy streamers?


They’ve been doing this for weeks now. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Yeah, and people have been whining about it here for weeks now.

Literally the first two replies are negative to them.


Really? I don’t remember seeing threads complaining about beta key giveaways.

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This took me less than 10 seconds to find.


Kuwu I have on ignore. And now I remember why. That thread is just stupidly IQ dropping. LOL And the first one you posted has zero likes and no one agreeing.

So one zero likes thread and one four likes thread with the second comment of this with thirty likes…

Doesn’t seem like some huge major complaint by many.

There’s nothing wrong with promotions. They’ve been giving away keys in all different manners. This is simply one of them.


I am not sure why you want to debate. I have no issue with the giveaways at all. You don’t have to look further than the replies after me to see why I would post a “This wont end well”.


I wasn’t trying to debate. Initially, I was just pointing out that it’s not new, because usually people get uppity when it’s something new, not when it’s old. So I assume those grumpy posts are just ill-informed people or people who just like to be outraged at anything Blizz posts. :grin:

Sorry for the confusion! Wasn’t trying to be difficult. :purple_heart:


wheres asmongold

This is GD
At this point it literally exists for no other reason than for folks to whine and be annoyed at each other, Blizz, sensible feedback, and reasonable discussions
It exists for literally no other reason or purpose

Heck, folks have talked about wanting community engagement and to be able to participate in events organized by community members - heck, close to every single ‘one-day holiday events’ happen because a streamer, YouTuber, or content creator of some kind popularized those events
Yet folks complain about it


Not gonna watch, follow or sub to people I don’t normally watch for beta keys. I don’t think contests like this are a good way of doing beta. There should be waves of beta given to those that applied for it.


Let em whine imo.

blizz has been doing it for years now. They give beta key to streamer as well as flag accounts and just give players access to beta.

You all are just salty AF. Figure why blizz never give you anything

I agree with that guy saying some are just giving keys to people they know. In fact some streamers gave keys to their mods and got in trouble for it.

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You’re not exactly at the head of the class and you’re awfully obsessed with me. I think you want some uwu.

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bro you called answering trivia elitist
say what you want about rhielle but that’s just not how elitism works