Dracthyr traditional style flying - the animations already exist!

Is anyone else a bit disappointed that the Dracthyr need to use a mount?
I was messing around in the model viewer, and I realized that the Dracthyr have every single animation that they’d need for traditional style flying using their own wings.

Here are the animations and where/how they would be used.
(Unfortunately, I can’t post images here, or I post the gifs of these animations in action to show how it’d work)

Casting/“mounting up”:
TakeOffStart → TakeOffFinish → DracHoverIdle

’Ground’ movement (100% speed, like normal ground mounts/running wild):

’Ground’ to Flying transition:
TakeOffFinishFly → MountFlightRun

Flying animations:
MountFlightIdle, MountFlightRun/Backwards/Left/Right

Flying to ‘Ground’ transition
LandStart → TakeOffFinish → DracHoverIdle

With all of the animations there, it goes to show that it’ll be incredibly easy to give the Dracthyr a ‘racial mount’ using their own wings. It’ll be so easy that with the mount template and the tools blizzard uses I could even do it in no time at all.
This ‘mount’ would work in the old world/instanced content since it’ll act like a traditional mount and gives literally no advantages.

For me, it kind of ruins the fantasy of playing a dragon/winged draconic being for me to be forced to use some other mount, this would fix that without having to reduce the cooldown of Soar.
(Though Soar should have no cooldown on the Dragon Isles if this is implemented or not)


Yeh, I would love this too. The 5 minute cooldown on Soar wouldn’t sting nearly as much if we could just fly normally. I mean, I would still have to use a Drake for Dragon Riding, but eh, can’t have everything. :frowning:


I think it would be nice if they got the ability to fly as if a flying mount similar to worgen getting ROAF.


To me personally, it is incredibly weird that they even made all of these animations (especially the MountFlight animations) just for them to only be seen being used by NPCs OR the PvP talent.

It would be incredibly easy to just take these existing animations and give the Dracthyr self-flight. That would also fix the issue of the Dracthyr not having a racial mount (that’s not on a 5 min CD)


I agree!! Give us traditional flying form as a mount for dracthyr Blizz!!! AND NO COOLDOWN


On one hand: sure, you could just baseline it and make it so they can fly normally buuuuut… you get to the dragon isles and that feature would be gone instantly until the first major patch lmao.
Cue: more angry players playing Dracthyr (they’re already mad as it is not playing them).

On the other: Personally, I would still prefer the dragonriding style because it makes them shine more for what and who they are, and I feel this is what sells people on them more than the standardised flying we have.

In short: 50/50.

I wouldn’t care, I get to fly the usual way in the rest of Azeroth with no cooldown. I repeat, without a cooldown whatsoever.

I HATE Soar’s cooldown.



You and me both, however at this rate, it doesn’t matter what Blizzard does to appease one person, three others will hate them for it.

Are demon hunters disapointed that they have to use a mount?
Oh, they arent? Well Drac’thyr will be fine then.

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Ah, yes, they are? That’s been one of the most demanded features for Demon Hunters, to be able to fly using their wings.

Regardless, it’s completely idiotic to compare a Demon Hunter who’s not fully developed their wings with an actual drakonid that can actually fly and does fly already, just behind a stupid ridiculously long cooldown.


Exactly. Either both should have normal flight, or neither does. I’m on the side of neither.

Except they dont fly. They hover and glide.
Chickens also have fully developed wings. You dont see them flying all over the place.

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They do, just in a limited way. If Soar didn’t have the ridiculous cooldown they’d be able to fly freely.

Which is why chickens can’t soar.


Thats another way of saying they dont.

There’s a big difference between not being able to fly (like a chicken) and being able to fly in lore, but devs restricting it to a 5 minute cooldown.


I did expect a Druid player to be opposed to this, druids don’t seem to want anyone else to have a flight form.

The difference between Demon Hunters and Dracthyr when it comes to flight is that your common Demon Hunter can’t fly and only has wings temporarily whereas your common Dracthyr can actually fly. (As seen in the starting zone and with various Dracthyr NPCs… not to mention Soar.)
This would be like if we got a Kyrian Allied Race in SL with their wings… but then they couldn’t fly.

Besides, the most important difference between the two is that Demon Hunters don’t have animations for actual flying, where the Dracthyr have every single animation necessary for traditional style flight that are different from the Soar animations.

Example: The animation ‘MountFlightRun’ has the Dracthyr actively flapping their wings while flying like you’d see a traditional flying mount. This animation is never used with Soar.

‘MountFlightBackwards’ is an animation never seen with Soar either. (In fact MountFlightBackwards isn’t ever really used by NPCs anyways.)


They need to undo the stupid nerf to the flying speed simply because of what you said, they will force the dragon race to fly around on a dragon because it’s significantly faster. people saying “durrrr 600% still fast durrr” as a counter don’t realize that’s an even worse gap than the current slowest flying speed vs the highest one. Why would anyone choose to go significantly slower is beyond me so it will ruin the new race.

They need to stop grasping defeat from the jaws of victory here.


Just fix Soar.

I personally don’t think the nerf is that bad… for old world.

However the Dragon Isles and their Starting Zone shouldn’t have a cooldown or the nerf.
I think Soar on the Dragon Isles should have all the functions of Dragon Riding, including the talents & vigor so it’s just a cosmetic difference.

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Hard agree. If you’re considering soar to be too powerful, at least give dracthyr traditional flying. Since they don’t get a racial flying mount anyway as of yet.