Dracthyr traditional style flying - the animations already exist!

It is still Alpha so they could still implement a form of traditional running wild style mounts for the Dracthyr, since they are lacking an actual racial mount.

But if they really put in the work for all these animations just to let them only be seen by one PvP talent and possibly NPCs… that would be really disappointing.



That exists, apparently. So it gives me hope. If I have to watch NPCs fly around freely while I have to mount up on something else to fly, I’m gonna be sad. I mean, I did it with Fae in EQ2, so I am no stranger to it, but still. Mind you, they did eventually give Fae a flight form too…


I actually never saw that.
I do really hope it’s the case, I don’t want to be forced to use a mount when I’ve got my wings.

It would be humorous if you could carry someone around like the Kyrian. Given we know the Dracthyr can already do so with the “Fly With Me” ability.


Yeh, but that would be too good for just a normal racial mount, I would think. I would just be happy to fly with my own wings. No real idea what that test is though. It could be anything from a Dracthyr Dragon form, to a dragon riding tie in, to a mount skill. Whatever it is, they’re clearly trying to hide it since it currently looks like a Sandstone Drake.

I would look more into it, but alas, no Alpha. :frowning:


Wait, so it could be possible we can fly with our own wings?

Cause if that’s the case I wouldn’t mind the cooldown on Soar then


This is what I’ve been pushing for ever since Soar got nerfed; give the Dracthyr TBC Flight outside of the Dragon Isles. Evokers can have Soar+ to highlight their drconic training.

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This definitely should be a thing should they never remove the CD from Soar.
Otherwise all that work into the animations for TBC flight will be wasted

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