Dracthyr - Soar (Needs CD Reduction)

This took the wind out of my wings and I don’t even have them yet. I felt my heart drop for this expansion reading this blue post, it’s beyond oblivious to the community sentiment around the ability. What is going on?? We were on a roll with listening the previous weeks, what happened?


This is EXACTLY what they did with Shadowlands, took positive feedback and nerfed the fun out of it until they had WoW worst expansion ever.


Reduce/remove the CD, this is even more necessary given the speed nerf.


Remove the cooldown Blizz!!!


REDUCE THAT CD. Agreed. I wouldn’t fly normally ever again with a less punishing cd. just let us have this, no tactical or competitive advantage lol


What’s kind of insane too, is that literally every single animation needed for Dracthyr to fly/be a self-mount like Worgen already exists in the files. Yet we only see them for a PvP talent (and maybe NPCs)

It would be one of the easiest things to implement, I could even do it in little to no time at all if I had the tools/mount template that blizzard uses.

If I was able to post images I’d post gifs of all of the animations in action, so to see them you’d need to use a modelviewer.

Dracthyr 'self-mount' animations

If Blizzard were to do this, I would be less salty about the 5 min CD of Soar.
(Though Soar should still have little to no cooldown on the Dragon Isles and the Dracthyr starting zone)

I just don’t want to have to use a mount because it’s weird to me… what is the point of having perfectly functional wings if we can barely use them?


Daily reminder that Soar should not have any cooldown. Thanks.


It’s unacceptable regardless, not because of the change itself, but because of the principle of the matter. They literally read overwhelming feedback of “Soar is fun, let us use it more” and did the exact opposite in an almost spiteful way.

Not only that, but the reasons given for the nerf make zero sense, or are flat out lies. “Too good at Chromie Time leveling”. This class leaves their starter zone at level 60. They cannot even do Chromie Time. Do not insult our intelligence Blizzard.

Whoever came up with this nerf needs to not make decisions for this game any longer. They clearly do not play the game, or have any idea how to make it better.

Hey Blizzard, you want an easy slam dunk? Here’s one for free:

  • Remove the CD on Soar.
  • Give Soar the same Vigor system normal Dragonriding has, and make them share so you can’t double dip.
  • Let Soar benefit from the Dragonriding talent tree.
  • Let people use their Dragonriding mounts in the old world.

That’s literally all you have to do. People will throw roses at you and clap, I promise.

Stop trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


100% agree with it. Soar should function exactly like the 4 new drakes.

I would be fine if it takes longer to function in old world content but it released with all other dragonriding features.


That exactly. Let soar basically be a additional Drake skin for dragon riding that the Dracthyr can use. Same cooldown. Shares the same resources. Needs the same amount of time to unlock fully. No cooldown is needed then. We just get to fly as Dracthyr. Obviously it wouldn’t be able to used in the old world until dragon riding was brought over, but eh, that’s okay.

I would also give Dracthyr a racial mount that is just them flying. Cast time would launch you into the air to hover just above the ground, and from there you could fly just above the ground in areas that do not allow flight, or fly normally in areas that do. Not a dragon riding mount, just a normal old style one that they could use wherever. I would even say that it would “dismount” you and you would have to land to interact with things, so as to not step on Druid toes.


The test feedback is unanimous Blizz.

Remove the CD.
Unnerf Soar.
Allow Dragonriding in old content.

Every single tester, content creator, streamer, player, and Murloc is telling you this so if you really want to convince us you learned a lesson from Shadowlands you need to show us instead of shoving more poor design choices down our throats and telling us we dont know what we want.


From what I see from the community, it doesn’t seem to me that people want anything better than dragonriding. We just want to dragonriding using the Dracthyr form with the limitations, resources, skills, and progression system.

Edit: I do think that people that are complaining that Soar is OP would be fine too


They would certainly lose a leg to stand on. If Soar was just tied to dragon riding proper, and basically just acted as a cosmetic skin for Dracthyr, then we would all have the same options. At least in Dragon Isles. If they did that I would understand if Soar was disabled in the old world, though I would rather them just add dragon riding everywhere with a disclaimer that it may break things. Similar to what the GW2 devs did when they added mounts.


With all the testing I’ve done on the alpha, I don’t really see Soar breaking anything in the old world. It disconnects me sometimes, but Fel Rush still does that, so whatever. That’s just WoW being WoW.

I had hope that they started to learn, but the fact that this nerf is even being considered proves to me that they haven’t learned a damn thing. They’re still trying to solve problems that don’t exist, in the most intrusive way possible.

It’s just Conduit Energy all over again.


Please share feedback on the test page. Were sort of counting on testers to push back for our sake here.


I would, but I just got alpha in the last wave, and I can’t post on those forums yet, for some reason.

I’ll copy/paste my post above over there when it lets me.

They’re already getting flamed by community council members on the Dragonriding feedback thread though, which is really funny.


Thank you so much, Im really hopeful that Blizz will finally learn a lesson and listen to their testers but I dont want to hold my breath.


Oh, that part there was a nod to when GW2 added their mounts. Completely new movement system in a game that never had mounts before. Devs basically told us that the old world wasn’t designed for em, but they thought it was silly to only have em in the new areas. So they just said use at your own risk, because weirdness might happen. :slight_smile:


Oh, I never played GW2, so I have zero context for any of that.

That would be the way to do it though, just warn everyone that things might get real weird real quick.


It should be incredibly easy for them to realize the truth of this list, and yet they’re almost definitely not going to do it, because post-Wrath Blizzard is practically allergic to making good decisions.