Dracthyr Soar - The correct answer to the problem

  1. Allow dragonriding abilities to be used while soaring.

Optional 3, make soar just TBC flying outside of the isles.


I agree. Currently Drathyr are absolutely failing to fulfill the WoW Dragon fantasy in my opinion. Drathyr are a race based on WoW dragons. WoW Dragons but-

They can’t chose any Visage form they like. The only have “vaguely human and vaguely elf.”

They can’t fly normally.

They can’t fly as real dragons to the extend of dragon riding and in fact, mostly have to use a mount- completely breaking the immersion of a powerful winged race. (For me.)

They also just can’t be othr classes, despite so many of the flights giving us examples of Warriors, druids, mages, shaman, and even priest.

What’s the point?* It’s like the WoW Team doesn’t understand the appeal of a dragon race. Instead of nerfing something fun and unique, they should be making it better- then adding the ability to use the system to other races.


Yes, this would allow everyone to have fun.

I watched a video yesterday of someone using Soar in the old world zones on their Dracthyr pre-nerf, and it just made me upset because I won’t be able to experience that same amount of fun on mine…


Option 4, add a toggle between mount stances that swaps between TBC flying and Dragonflying.

I hope that one day it will return to the fastest speed.


Yeah I hope it doesn’t take an entire expansion for them to realize folks want to have fun with it.


I give it a greater than 50% chance that the system will be restricted to the Dragon Isles and then abandoned after DF…like we do all other x-pack features

Yeah and it’s a problem.

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They should do this. They have all of the animations for TBC flight already.

Dracthyr 'self-mount' animations

(Can’t post images yet or I’d post gifs of the animations in action. You’d need a modelviewer to do so)

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I think it’s fine with them having a few abilities, I don’t think the racial should be too much the same as the dragon.

If it’s a toggle. I want to have Soar challenges across old content.

I’d rather it be turned into the racial mount. Normal flight in areas where it’s enabled and hovering over the ground in areas where it isn’t. Basically Running Wild for Dracthyr.

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Just make the racial TBC Flight outside of the Dragon Isles. Easy. Evoker class can grant a boost to flight speed outside of the Dragon Isles.

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Blizzard very clearly doesn’t want people having fun in their game.

I say that unironically. The “Fun Detected” meme isn’t a meme. They prove it with every action.

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This would be the bonafide common-sense solution.

People will still want to use regular flying when they need to go AFK whilst their character is travelling from point A to B, or they need to maneuverer like…directly upwards. Old flying will always remain relevant.

Who knows why Blizzard doesn’t understand this though.

I really hope this continued negative feedback forces them to revert the stupid nerf. I want to play this new race and specifically I WANT to fly around as the character itself but nerfing it’s speed means I’m forced to ride around on a dragon mount defeating the entire purpose of flying around as a dragon myself.

“bbbut evilbadguy 600ish% is still fast!”, Wow so is the first level of flying compared to walking but I don’t know a single person who uses it over the max level flying speed which is significantly faster and it will be the same case for the dragon people and having to use the mount.

Blizzard stop grasping defeat from the jaws of victory and undo this stupid nerf and just make dragonriding work for everyone in the old world.


Dear OP,
Blizzard cannot do this for two reasons: 1) time played metric and 2) they nerfed the other racials to death, so how do they justify the sethrak… um I mean dragon people from having an op racial.

heres an option

delete dracthir

What’s kind of insane too, is that literally every single animation needed for Dracthyr to use regular flying. Yet we only see them for a PvP talent (and maybe NPCs)

It would be one of the easiest things to implement, I could even do it in little to no time at all if I had the tools/mount template that blizzard uses.

If I was able to post images I’d post gifs of all of the animations in action, so to see them you’d need to use a modelviewer.

Dracthyr 'TBC flight' animations

If Blizzard were to do this, I would be less salty about the 5 min CD of Soar.
(Though Soar should still have little to no cooldown on the Dragon Isles and the Dracthyr starting zone)

I just don’t want to have to use a mount because it’s weird to me… what is the point of having perfectly functional wings if we can barely use them?


Yeah, I must admit I’m more than a little disappointed with soar. It’s got great potential, but terribly executed. I had hoped to be my own flying mount as a Dracthyr. Much like druids flying in travel form, but able to gain momentum. Instead we got a gliding lizard. :roll_eyes:

I don’t mind dragon flying being exclusive to the dragon isles, but I believe Dracthyr should be able to maintain flight while soaring through the air. I like the idea of soar not being on cooldown. However, I wouldn’t mind it so much if the Dracthyr could maintain flight at the very least. Overall, I like the class. Could have more options on visage forms, but I like most of the content.

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They could just make Soar exactly like regular dragonriding, same resources, and allow dragonriding skill to affect both.