Dracthyr, NEED more Classes

You can’t properly call them a new race, and then give them only ONE class. Based on the LIMITED lore we’ve been given, it would make sense for them to gain: Mage, Shaman, and Warrior (every race in WoW can be one); maybe monk.

Perhaps they could do it Allied Race style, where once you max out an Evoker to lvl.70 you can unlock the option to make these different class Dracthyr, who would start at lvl.10 in Stormwind or Org. I’m not saying they need ALL of the classes, and it does make sense that only they can be Evokers. However, they need more then just 1 class to be considered a race, in my opinion.

Also, we’ve been given a LOT of info on the Dracthyr race, so I figured I’d post what I found out so far:

  • They can fly on thier own, and they will use the Dragonriding Skill mechanics with gravity and exhaustion to do so.

  • LOTS of customizations have not been shown yet. Including at least 2 other BODY OPTIONS, to be either more sleek or to be more bulky. As well as a lot of customization for the faces.

  • They start at lvl.58

  • They are FORCED into Dracthyr form during combat, like Worgen

  • Tabards, Shoulders, and Belts, SHOULD appear in Draco form, kinda like how Mechagnomes have limited Mog options.

  • The barber shop will include cosmetic armor to slap onto your Draco form.

Edit: 10/19/2022:

I have Beta, the quests state that Evokers are the Elite among the Dracthyr, and there are voice lines for Warriors and Rogues at the very least resource wise, for the Dracthyr.


They 100% need at least one more class–and that would be ANY class that can tank (preferably warriors if I were to choose.)

An ENTIRE RACE not having the option to tank locks a whole section of players out from being able to play them.

Blizzard. Why do you hate tanks? I just want to tank as a dragon.

(I know you don’t hate tanks, allow me a spot of drama, okay?)


I made a post about this. Shaman maybe, but definitely warrior and mage. I would also argue hunter (Dracthyr who hunt meat for the brood) and rogue (Dracthyr who spy on the giants and other dragons).

I can also live with Evoker getting a third spec for melee tanking instead of more class options.

Maybe other classes will unlock further down the road.


My reasoning for shaman, is that Dragons in WoW apparently evolved from Elementals.

And those other options you mentioned make sense too.

Right?! and I think Warrior makes the most sense out of the tank options we have.

Honestly though, I think adding in a third AND or fourth spec, would be GREAT if they don’t add more classes. They could have the tank spec, and maybe the melee DPS spec if the go 4 specs, to be more Blackflight focused.


I think having just one class for Dracthyr is fine.

It worked well in Horizons: Empire of Istaria, an old MMO that had a similar setup with a single race/class for playable dragons. It should work fine in WoW.

However, I do find it slightly disappointing that Dracthyr don’t have a melee spec option, either as dps or tank. In fantasy, dragons are usually depicted as muscular and aggressive creatures. Usually they are powerful melee opponents with their claws, fangs and scale armor.

It seems odd to have a race look so suited for melee combat, not be able to fight in melee.


I recall there being Drakonid warriors. That can justify at least one other class.


I suggested a tank spec be added for evoker that used polearms and draconic magics. They could be like a magical dragoon type thing that tanks and has a lot of ranged abilites (or reach abilities due to the polearm.)

I’ve elaborated more in some other posts but I think it’d fit the theme and be awesome.

Ultimately I just want to tank on the buggers regardless of what class it is. Except druid. Druid is boring. :laughing:


They should be able to use their humanoid form for other classes such as warrior, hunter, mage, shaman, and paladin… Blizzard doesn’t need to make them similar to worgen. The big question is if blizzards is just being too lazy to check if the cloth, leather, and plate will work with the dracthyr… After all, the new class only has two specs instead of three so that puts up some red flags…


I can see them forming a caste of shamanistic Dracthyr in their thousands of years of isolation.


They could add a tank spec. That would be legit. Other then that I think they made the right choice


I imagined dragon warriors and hunters…so for me personally a little bummed they have neither. I enjoy my mages though, so hopefully I’ll enjoy evokers. /shrug


I find a lot of classes missing that fun combat factor… Dracthyr might get the DH treatment where it is fun for like a little bit then that gimmick wears off.

Personally I think them having a unique class to them is fine.

But I do see why some would want a warrior perhaps or hunter or whatever…

[Missed opportunity Blizz] That’d be cool to get dragon-unique warrior combat or dragonbro hunters that shoot firey arrows lol

Dragonbro monk who can channel and fire off dragon-looking chi spells…


I agree whole-heartedly about wanting them to have other classes. Demon hunters are limited in what race they can be, but the elves can be MANY other classes. It stinks that this new amazing race is so limited. I can grasp some lore reasons, but I would love to change my shaman to Drac. It’s such a cool concept, even if they are like worgen and stuck in dragon form for combat.


Meh, one of the things I’ve always liked about WoW over other mmos is there is little to no race/class/gender restrictions on what you want to play.

DH set a bad precedent by locking it to two races but now the new class is locked to one and that race cannot play ANY other classes and, as you alluded to, to top it off they can’t even perform one out of the three roles? Like what?

Evoker would be fine if they were Tank/Ranged DPS/Healer. Ideal even, as the only other class in the game that can do that is druids–and they have the added benefit of a melee spec as well in this scenario.

I just don’t really understand Blizzard’s logic. I think it more likely that they’ll add more classes rather than design a 3rd spec, so I’m just hoping for a warrior or something to be added.


I think that Dracthyr/Evoker combo will limit how many people want to roll one and that’s fine by me.


I still think that number will be big. The upset minority are always loud


Honestly, I’ll still probably roll 5 or 6, because I love their idea. I just wish they had more class and role variety.

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I think it will only limit so much. The real issue is that by limiting the race to only this class, it means people will stick to the class even more so instead of maybe playing a tank, all because they really like the dragons race.

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imo, if Dracthyr get more classes, it happens via a 3rd spec. and that spec is a class combo/ hybrid of class+ Evoker.

so like how the talent tree has base class on one side and class spec on the other.

could be interesting. and further leans into the idea of combining everything into one perfect combat solder.

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This would be fine with me.

I just really really want to be able to tank on a Dracthyr.