Dracthyr need a bulkier/more masculine frame option. They are way too thin even with body 4

Sadly kultiran body types are already there rofl. Not a lot of extra work. But some work is still work I guess.

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I wanted just basic 4 legged winged dragons like drake, aspects etc. Im still maining one day 1 but tbh i didnt really want a anthro dragon, especially with worst visage form options (ill never use)

They need neck and head sizes to go along with the bulkier bodies. They also need more options in the face as well, the current ones we have lack many of the warcraft dragon features.

Made a thread going over some of the issues:

People like this? The image makes me nauseous, lmao :nauseated_face:


Orcs were absolutely monsters in Warcraft and Warcraft 2. They didn’t try to give them a sympathetic background until Warcraft 3 and even then, it was still largely about trying to redeem the race. World of Warcraft turned them into full blown “we didn’t do nothing.”

I wouldn’t mind Drakthyr having more body types. But this just underscores the lack of customization available in the game. All the player races need more body types, as well as other customization options.


That’s true everyone needs more :frowning:

Can’t be thinner than the Night borne… Borderline anorexic

People have been complaining about it since the design was first released.

I’m pretty sure the community would have been significantly happier on average if they just repacked drakonids and bolted on some wings.

I’d kinda agree, but that running animation is an abomination.

OP’s ego is so fragile that they can’t fathom playing a character that isn’t large and in charge.

Do you need to shotgun a Mountain Dew and scream at people on Call of Duty too?

We don’t get those, that’s why the request is being made. You know, because of pandering and brownie points.

It’s a classic trope fantasy. Nothing wrong with this. Or do you play a dwarf without beard as well? No, thought so.

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Everyone who would’ve been happier with that can just play a draenei or a tauren or an orc or any one of the other refrigerator races

You aren’t even given an option to play one without a beard unless you play a female one; you have to find a helmet that will hide the beard, like the Firelands shaman tier helmet or this one helm from a questline in Dustwallow Marsh or this mail helm from Heart of Fear I think, etc. I’m always on the lookout for more because I don’t like the beards actually.

Dwarves are also one of the least played races anyway. I only played one in Cataclysm as a joke, and now I only play dark iron dwarves because the mole machine racial is really convenient, especially if you have lots of alts and can’t find time to play them all, because then you can at least cut down on travel time

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Anyone would wasn’t happy with drakanoid could just play blood elf or void elf and keep their feminine figure.

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There are more refrigerator guy races than twink guy races, especially considering blood elves and void elves have a near identical models and shouldn’t count as two options


I suspect you’re into furries too so you can always fall back on those races.

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Honestly, if we are going to go to Drakonid levels of buff, everything else needs to be in proportion. We can’t just have a buff Dracthyr with a tiny head, ya know? All the customization options for the face need to be in proportion as well.

Overall, the entire model would need a rework, so you can’t just make the body buff and call it a day, unfortunately, at risk of it looking really weird.

Hopefully we get something like this someday, though.

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Most of the furry races in this game are buff. Also it’s a race with only a caster class, and buff guys don’t look good as casters. There were probably more undead mages/warlocks than orc mages/warlocks in Vanilla because everyone knows the former just looked better


Male Orcs make the best looking warlocks in the game.

The classic WoW Classic warlock look is undead; Vurtne was an undead mage, Drakedog was an undead warlock, etc.

If you look at the Vanilla WoW intro cinematic there’s no orc casters but there’s an undead dude with an infernal behind him, and then in the TBC cinematic there’s an undead dude who looks like he’s probably a warlock casting Hellfire against murlocs, etc. Everyone knows characters that look like brutes don’t look good as casters