Dracthyr need a bulkier/more masculine frame option. They are way too thin even with body 4

Idk if anyone else brought it up but in the beta I’ve been playing and my character looks EXTREMELY thin even on the beefiest body option #4 that they offer.

We need an option to be bulkier desperately. I feel very awkward playing as it.


Be more like tauren!

More beef, less soy!


I do love Tauren.

But I wanna be a big dragon and smash people, also preservation evoker is kinda epic to me ngl xD


Beefier lizard body should have helicopter for soar

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Dracthyr (X)
Big Lizard (√)

aaaaah I know EXACTLY what you folk want . . . big ol beefy bara dragon husbandos with musculature akin to this image right?

some real Rob Liefeldian tripe right?


Naw. Just make playable Drakonids instead of contorting Dracthyr into something that people would still be whining about regardless.


That’d work well for me and I know MANY others haha

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Captain Beeferica


I mean… not that far off:


so basically a Youngblood character then?

gotta tread carefully there lest your BIG BEEFY BARA DRAGON HUSBANDOS contract Youngblood disease . . .

edit: WAIT NO I GOT IT! What y’all want is some Savage Dragon style dracthyr right?


This is actually amazing. But it’s not “pretty” enough to be a playable race.

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I mean… he’s prettier than us.


When I thought of playable Dragon race in wow. Dragonkin from UBRS is what I thought of. I want 4 legged 2 armed Dragons Centaurs!!


Dragonspawn, they’re called.


Fine, I’ll amend my statement: it won’t be a playable race unless Blizzard figures out how to make a “pretty” female version (e.g. orc, troll, worgen, tauren, etc). Can’t have a monster race in this game that actually looks ferocious.

Wowhead says their “Type” is Dragonkin (much like Orc is Humanoid). Maybe Dragonspawn is the “Race” I’m not sure. But yes Those That’s what I thought of when it comes to a playable dragon class.

Edit* the Male could be the Dragonspawn and the female could be Dracthyr or just have the Option to decide Biped or Quadraped.

That is… legitimately horrifying. I will be seeing that in my nightmares. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth the the thread topic, I actually love the Dracthyr the way they are now. I was so happy to finally get some options that were nice and slender and not overly muscled or curvy. All for bigger options if people want them too, but I love em as they are. :slight_smile:

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They are dragonkin. So are dracthyr, dragons, whelps, drakonids, dragonmen, and even a few things that are completely unrelated to the draconic.

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Perfect! Blizz make it happen. Dragonspawn as playable race or Skin option to Dracthyr. Let me choose quadraped over biped !