Dracthyr look strange because they are not designed after Warcraft Dragons

In just under two weeks we will be introduced to our newest core race, the dracthyr, a race of dragonkin created by Neltharion to be his ultimate soldiers. However, many of us have been put off by their appearance and with the new Legacies trailers I have come to understand why.

They are not designed after Warcraft dragons:


Unlike her in-game counterpart, Legacies’ Emberthal closely follows the in-game dragon design.

Legacies Emberthal and In-game dragons:

  • Thick neck
  • Neck flows into head with a longer curve
  • Eyes are rounder
  • Teeth shown
  • Head is wider
  • Face is wider
  • Lower Jaw has more weight and depth to it

In-Game dracthyr:

  • Narrow and Human shaped eyes
  • No teeth shown
  • Narrow face like those seen in dolichocephalic dog breeds
  • Lower jaw overshadowed by upper jaw
  • Beak-like mouth due to upper jaw’s width being greater then lower jaw’s

Here are some bad art edits showing the in-game Dracthyr with these missing features:


I believe they could implement these features through more customization options such as:

  • Jaw size
  • Eye shape
  • Tooth toggle
  • Neck/head size and width proportioned to body size

These will allow players to take on the more iconic Warcraft Dragon look while also retaining the original Dracthyr design others have come to love.



I agree. Not that I don’t like the in-game models, but Emberthal does look a lot better in the animation than Dracthyr’s do in-game.
She feels more draconic than lizardy.


I like the Dracthyr idk i think of them as experiments so gonna look different than the dragon dragons.


They were most assuredly designed by someone at the company who enjoys dressing up in animal suits in their spare time.


Looks pretty designed after Warcraft Dragons to me.

They’re basically the original prototype of Drakkonids, except this was before Deathwing and his entire extended family went bonkers from too much Demon Soul exposure or whatever it was.

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The jaw makes such a huge difference. Definitely need some options for bigger jaws.


It was squid-boy and company.

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We got Lizards, not dragons lmao.


I actually laughed when Nozdormu said “You are a race of fierce warriors unlike anything Azeroth has seen in many an age”


They’re beyond bad. I wish Blizz had let the player base vote on their design. I know it would have killed the surprise but I’d rather have the surprise ruined than feeling totally disappointed.


Thanks, I wasn’t sure if it was squid-boy first and demon soul second, or the other way around.

Silly Nozdormu, Dracthyr can’t even be warriors.


A larger lower jaw and wider overall head would fix about 90% of the visual issues in the face for me.

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anything to keep their heads from looking like male anatomy

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most assuredly

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It’s because they’re the Blizzard version of Iksar race. They’re the Lizard people of Azeroth, that’s why.

Don’t look at them as Dragons because they’re not.