Dracthyr need a bulkier/more masculine frame option. They are way too thin even with body 4

As long as they have decent feet, a normal amount of teeth, and straight spines. (Things Liefeldian could never get right.) Savage Dragon model let’s go!

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mmmmmm Sorry, them proportions come complete with a serious case of youngbloods Disease.

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Honestly, I think it’s because of their elongated neck that throws the bulky
look off when compared with Dragon Spawn that have bulky builds but shorter necks.

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I am in beta and 100% agree with this.

Compared to other Dragons they look like lizards. Having a lizard race would be cool but they are supposed to be Dragons.

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ya know in all seriousness I never understood this whole “Dragon people need to be super buff” thing . . . I mean I guess thats how the Dragonborn of DnD were packaged but does that mean every dragon humanoid has to be a big beefy bara dragon husbando?

Guess it’s like asking if a wyvern is a dragon . . . to which of course the answer is yes with few expectations (WoW wyverns are just four limbed manticores)


Well my opinion is they need to have better posture too. Similar complaint for years about Orcs.

The running animation is very fitting for a Lizard race but for a Dragon I am not so sure…

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That’s actually precisely it.

There’s a reason that WoW Elves don’t look like pale Goblins. WoW - and Blizzard in general - is at its best when taking a popular trope, putting a Blizzard coat of paint on it, and refining it to make it their own. When someone says “Elf,” you have a very specific image in mind. Just as those who wanted a draconic humanoid have a very specific image in mind. One of those was realized in-game - the other subverted expectations.

Blizzard tends to stumble when they force originality for the sake of originality.

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Also, for my part, I like the design of the Dracthyr. But it would be disingenuous for me to suggest that they fulfill the specific playable draconic fantasy that I was hoping for. It’s not that the design is necessaily bad. It just wasn’t what people expected or wanted, and its existence is seen as an obstacle to ever getting what they actually wanted.

Hence, make Drakonid playable. Load them up with tank classes. Give them bulbous muscles. Express that sexual dimorphism. Make them everything that Dracthyr aren’t. Not because Dracthyr are bad, but because Dracthyr are limited.

it’s all a matter of perspective . . . fel ya ask some folk orcs should always be depicted as savage unfeeling monsters or elves should always be prissy and haughty.

Blizzard has ALWAYS been going against the grain when it comes to races . . . fel they kinda pioneered the whole “Orcs aren’t monsters” thing and had elves side with em, the latter one no elf in DnD would be caught dead doing.

Also I could go into the various sub types of elf and different depictions, or fel even the different depictions of dragon races from DnD . . . I mean fel KOBOLDS are a dragon race, THESE GUYS.

All I’m saying is sometimes going outside the box doesn’t hurt . . . I still mourn the loss of the icy light elves and pirate dwarves of Copernicus . . .

edit: I mean, more dragon races couldn’t hurt . . . still want alliance vrykul and horde ogres first . . .

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Can I play as that?

May as well hawk my thread here:

Long story short, Dracthyr do things that are uniquely draconic, but Drakonid would bring that sheer physicality and presence of the dragon fantasy that Dracthyr lack. They’d compliment each other brilliantly. And if we can get four flavours of Elf, surely two flavours of dragon wouldn’t hurt…

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And broader heads to fit the bodies. They still look too tiny and funky.

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To be fair, they look a lot better in game when you actually see how tall they are. And the model in general looks infinitely better in motion.

I certainly would prefer more drakonids proportions, but I can see why they don’t. At least while dracthyr can only be evokers. After all it ould be kinda weird to have this beefcake dragonman and then have them only be casters.

But! If they do open Dracthyr up for more classes, they do need to add bulkier body types.

I just got beta last night, and honestly, the dracthyr look better to me once I actually played one. Having an even bulkier option would be nice, but I don’t think they look half bad.

Yeah I think they look really nice in general, in spite of devastation REALLY concerning me I want to roll one.

I just so badly want a bigger body.

Or just add playable Drakonids instead of contorting Dracthyr into something they were never conceptually intended for.


Been asking for this since we got the chungus kul’tiran. Like there are clearly regular and super skinny kultiran… no we get only the chungus.
I have no idea why they are so allergic to giving us more body types.

Let’s not do that.

As someone that draws, the body proportions there are just making me scream internally.

It requires work.