Does anyone want Alterac Valley more like 1.6?

Anyone who played Original AV wants Korrak, minefields, npc patrols - both mounted and on foot. They want heavily fortified towers/bunkers - requiring elite squads of the raid to capture, which vice versa could be defended with significantly less elite players due to the npcs being an actual threat.

We fondly remember logging in and joining an ongoing battle that could last for days, contributing what we could in however long our gaming session was, then vacating for another player to fill in when we needed a break. As it stands with the 1.12 version, the BG is a joke and sad shadow of authenticity.

There’s WSG and AB for the instant gratification crowds and lobby based style players. Many coming back are simply going to expect the proper AV experience, alot are coming back purely for it. We can only hope that this is sorted out, but hope is not enough so keep posting your concerns.


There was more pvp in the early versions, by a long stretch, compared to 1.11.

AV was not gutted to make it better, or to improve pvp. It was gutted so people could acquire MoHs faster.

But by all means, pretend that you were even playing the game back then. Parroting zyrius like a groupie sure is precious.

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Well put. Although I am uncertain about the last part. PvP people want PvP, which enabling zergs diminished.

It was changed to make it quicker to get MoHs. MoHs =loot.

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Yeah you and everyone else that didn’t actually play it and maybe the five guys from back then they didn’t cry endlessly on the forum’s about it. But i’m sure all five of them are in this thread lmao

Any previous patch would be an improvement. It’s absurd that they’re creating classic as a museum piece and leaving out the things that are iconic to it.


Sure, here you go.

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This post hit me in the feels. i’m really depressed they went with 1.12 AV.


Dude, it’s the ONE thing in Classic WoW choice wise that I venomously despise…

Dungeons and Raids, mmmmm ok…

AV??? OH HELL NO! That’s sacred!


There needs to be a choice to queue for either 1.12 or 1.7 AV.


you guys dont understand, Blizzard can’t please everyone.
no one can.
there are always certain people like specifically something in every patch , from the very beginning all the way to 1.12.
what happened If Blizzard made it 1.6 ?
people would ask why not 1.12 .
why not this why not that.

maybe, there’s still a slim chance that Blizzard does like the 1.6AV or 1.6 anything or 1.X anything,
but Blizzard decided to make 1.12 the finale version of Classic, just to shut you all up.

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Which would be perfect! Give us are super long AV matches that don’t end in under an hour. I would be totally down for an av that is just a 40 hour slaughter fest on both sides.


Except av gave more honor then both of them sooooo

Except those people don’t count and I don’t care if I hurt their feelings on this one.

99% of the playerbase seems to agree 1.12 av is not what anyone wants.
The majority of us were just unaware how much was stripped in 1.12 until now.

After the massive disappointment from this weekends av beta most players are very aware of the problem and are starting to question whether just releasing everything on what is basically a TBC catchup pre patch is really the best way to deliver an authentic classic standard gameplay.


The cynical side of me believes that by asking us way back which elements of vanilla wow we preferred, Brack was making a list of things to have the developers NOT give us, so that his “you think you do… but you really don’t” line can come to fruition.

Via polls and threads, the majority voiced the desire for:

  • Early AV
  • No CRBGs
  • No DHKs
  • Unarmored epic mounts
  • Earlier threat mechanics prior to late game talent and gear changes
  • RPPVP servers (more wanted them via poll than straight RP)
  • Harder versions of content (Scholo/Strath)

See a pattern? It is literally as if Brack took the 18k voter poll and instructed the developers to do the opposite of what the majority desired.

/tinfoil off


People who claim to want 1.12 have not expressed anything about 1.12 they enjoy beyond it being over with quicker so they can get the loot more efficiently.


Just purely based on reading the explanations of what old AV was like compared to its newer version we’re getting in Classic, i think the old version sounds more fun and more inviting to play than the other one :slightly_smiling_face:


I would be pretty sure they feel the same way about you so this discussion doesn’t actually go anywhere other than people yelling over eachother

I just want multi-day long AVs with emphasis on the turn-in stuff back, like wolf riders and frost lord. Battling over Snowfall with Korak was fun too.

I have no interest in zergfests.

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Yes, you want 1.6 AV other than 1.12 AV,
thats understandable cuz you think 1.6 is better than 1.12AV
if Blizzard does make it 1.6AV so what about other players’ demands? like new models, achievements, Xmogs?
No? why not , Blizzard does make something that is not 1.12 for you guys,
you say 99% ? so if the other 1% of the player base want something ,that’s tens of thousands people,
what if they all post their demands on this very forum what do you say to them ? #Nochanges?
maybe it’s not specifically best for you 1.6AV lovers but I think it’s the best solution for everyone.
lets have this agreement, everybody will have 1.12.