No Dragonslayer buff due to Overlord Runthak sapped

For the past few days on Sulfuras server, every time we turned in the onyxia head to Overlord Runthak for the dragonslayer buff. He get sapped by alliance rogues over and over, denying us the dragonslayer buffs. It was funny at first but now it’s not anymore, and lot of horde players are not happy with this.

Wondering when will Blizzard going to address this issue.

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Post guards with detect invis and prevent them from doing it. I read a post about the same thing except horde doing it, I dont know why people need to do dumb stuff like this. Adapt and overcome.

Um, detect invis doesnt detect stealth. And there’s nothing you can do to stop a rogue that left his corpse there, and rezzes + vanishes + saps. Literally nothing, because of spellbatching.

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Would not consider this a “bug”.

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While we typically try to avoid making changes that can affect legitimate PvP interactions including players engaging in combat with faction-specific NPCs, this particular issue is noteworthy because of some under-the-hood changes we made some time ago to how the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer buff is applied in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar to improve server performance.

Without getting too deep into the nuts and bolts of what we changed, the important thing to be aware of is that being able to sap Overlord Runthak, Major Mattingly, or Field Marshal Afrasiabi during their event dialogue to prevent this buff from going out was not actually possible in original World of Warcraft. Sometime very soon we will be applying a hotfix that will more accurately reflect the correct behavior from original WoW.

These NPCs will still be able to sapped and otherwise crowd-controlled as before, but following this hotfix these effects should no longer prevent the event from playing out and the buff from being applied. Please note that the opposing faction can still attack and kill these NPCs after the quest is turned in but before the dialogue completes and this will interrupt the buff going out. This behavior is correct and has been preserved.

Thank you for the reports about this!


Bad hotfix. World buffs are one of the worst things about classic. This “bug” at least tried to shed some light in the darkness that is the cesspool of metas forming.


Mm, thank you for your explanation. It makes accepting this change more tolerable.

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Unfortunately due to Blizzard’s history, I can’t trust that Blizzard is changing this in the sprit of no changes.

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Yeah, “no changes” went out the window when the community whined and made blizz change the API to break addons that actually functioned in vanilla (See: CallToArms).

And stuff like warrior shouts being used to draw threat. Blizz nerfed this as well due to community outcry even though it was in vanilla.

Patch 2.0.1

Fixed an issue where Warrior "Battle Shout" was causing too much threat.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too, lol.

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I feel like you didn’t actually read the blue post.

If sap causing the buff to not go out was not possible in original WoW then that would mean that the current ability to sap him and interrupt the buff is actually the change and they’re making it in line with what the no changes crowd wants.

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Personally I rather see the world buff meta burn, but even if they prevented the possibility of Ony/Nef head resets, it would not change the meta. It would just mean more people will raid log once they get those coveted city buffs.

That said, this fix is nothing but good. Prevents griefing and is how vanilla was coded. Win win except for rogue trolls.

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So cross faction agreement to Mind Control and reset the WorldBuff cooldown is fine ?

Which part of that breaks the ToCs or wasn’t possible in Vanilla?

If we can’t create a Horde/Alliance character on the same server on a PvP server i thought that this type of behavior was considered as an exploit.

At least the way to do it clearly sound like one.
But, well, when people find something convenient they’ll protect it.

Thank god TBC will kill the WB meta. It make everything and everyone toxic.

Any chance there will be consideration for making Dire Maul: Tribute, and Songflower buffs non-dispellable buffs like the rest of the world buffs (ony/zg/warchiefs blessing, etc). The amount of cross faction griefing and dispelling is getting worse each week. Camping as a ghost inside capital cities to dispell as much as possible before death hardly seems like “legitimate PvP interactions”

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You can feel that way, that’s fine.

As you can read in my original post, seeing Blizzard state this; simply can not trust them due to thier history.

Very common for people to type “actually” when they’re lying, no reason to say “actually” when the statement is in fact true.


I am normally not one to give much credence to “when Alliance cry, Blizz does nothing, but when Horde cry, hotfix incoming”, but they sure could have timed this better.

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People complaining that you dont have to fight with the game to get on the right layer lmao yall can never be happy