Do you want to treat symptoms or the disease?

We got a blue post regarding dispelling being a bannable offense, a blue post regarding CC griefing Dragonslayer NPC’s, and a blue post regarding MCing and killing the Dragonslayer NPC’s to reset the buff cooldowns.

Stop throwing good design and ideas after bad ones. Disable the buffs in raid already. They completely trivialize and dumb down the game, and they lead to this emergent jank gameplay you have to address every month.


I thought world buffs were optional


A lot of people have made really great points about the negative effects of all these world buffs… just like they did fifteen years ago. As a consequence as WoW developed these world buffs were phased out of design. So, if you want to play the game without them you are in luck because retail WoW already went down that path. Have at it.

The problem you are running into here is that this isn’t a new expansion. This isn’t a cauldron of ideas to make WoW the best game it can be. This is Classic WoW, it is a museum piece. It’s a recreation as faithful to the original as possible. Warts and all. You may want to read that last part again.

Warts and all.



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Every good private server disabled world buffs within raids.

I don’t think anyone will argue that Classic is more fun than, say, Kronos was.


Do you have any idea of the state Retail WoW is currently at? We aren’t immigrants, we are refugees.


I don’t think buffs have anything to do with the game dumbed down. I think the game’s just dumbed down.

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That showed it isn’t.


He didn’t mean what you think he meant. He isn’t saying dispelling is a bannable offense, but that the fact this is a talking point at all speaks volumes about how unhealthy world buffs have proven to be.


Come TBC the world buffs will be gone.

Or really how, “You think you do, but you don’t,” rings true.

No, actually it just proves that people come to the forums to complain. And this is the flavor of the month.


The Blue Post

Kaivax is saying that dispelling World Buffs IS NOT A BANNABLE OFFENSE.

The GM was in the wrong to ban the player dispelling World Buffs.

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What is context. At no moment did they label it as griefing, they said that it didn’t match the original client.

Welcome to warts and all, bro. AKA Classic. There are no world buffs in TBC.

But it doesn’t ring true, does it? I’m still here. This game is vastly better than retail in everything except raiding.

And world buffs, apprently. :^)

World buffs are fine, it is a raiding problem. Kronos didn’t remove them, just disabled them within raids.

Also Loved Captain Grim’s Machinima on it. (Got any world buffs sniffs)


Sounds like a change not present in vanilla. There’s a bracket now for warcraftlogs, find a guild that fits your speed.

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