Didnt recieve 4 torn pages from a full clear horrific vision I understand why I didnt get the bossloot as I wasnt alive then but I participated in all other areas and deserve those pages

Do you open all 5 chests? There should be 1 in each chest aside from the middle actual loot chest

Yes, and I get two.

Nope I needed 4 to upgrade it and we did 4 areas and 4 chests were glowing as if I could open them but 2 only actually opened and I got no momenos or torn pages for 3 chests worth of work

You get two for the middle pages each run . You get two for the lost areas each run. They don’t combine.

Ranks 7-11 give 4 pages for a full clear
Ranks 13-15 only give 2 pages

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Back in February, there was an additional catch-up mechanic introduced for the Fear and Flesh book.

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I’m 7+ definatly

Thanks I did not know that.

It would help to know which rank exactly. As I mentioned, you only start needing more than 2 pages per upgrade after rank 8.

But ultimately, a guild member of mine was in a relative situation in that they were dead when we got around to killing the boss in one of our runs, and when we were teleported back out to collect our rewards, they were unable to resurrect in order to open the chests.

When reaching out to a GM, the pages weren’t able to be restored, but they were able to collect the mementos they would have gotten, presumably from cross-referencing with the other members of the party that were in the same vision. Likely due to the nature of the visions being repeatable, which keeps the game masters’ hands tied.

It’s not on this alt. I just didnt know the forums well enough to know you had to sign in as one of your toons

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Yea my capes lvl is 8 I should have gotten 4

And this is the char it happened on

For rank 8 you only need 2 pages to complete the quest. You can not loot more in a run then what is needed to complete the quest, essentially you can’t stock up more then the last quest, for the next quest.

Rank Requirement Min # of Runs Needed
1 Beginning the Descent (Intro Quest) N/A
2 1x The Curse of Stone 1
3 1x Torn Page of “The Curse of Stone” 1
4 1x Torn Page of “The Curse of Stone” 1
5 1x Torn Page of “The Curse of Stone” 1
6 1x Fear and Flesh 1
7 2x Torn Page of “Fear and Flesh” 1
8 2x Torn Page of “Fear and Flesh” 1
9 4x Torn Page of “Fear and Flesh” 1
10 6x Torn Page of “Fear and Flesh” 2
11 8x Torn Page of “Fear and Flesh” 2
12 The Final Truth 1
13 4x Torn Page of “The Final Truth” 2
14 6x Torn Page of “The Final Truth” 3
15 8x Torn Page of “The Final Truth” 4

This is from the Wowhead page and it should be noted after the hotfixes.


And if blizzard wasnt going to reimburse people for lost loot in repeatable content maybe they should have made sure that loot system works properly 100% of the time b4 rushing it out or just not caring about its problems

No I’m at 8 and I need 4

In a perfect world, there absolutely would be bug-free software in every aspect of our day. Not just in a video game.


My point is the lack of action even when its brought to their attention

You mean you are at 9, read my edit, 8 only needs 2, 9 needs 4.

No from lvl 8 to 9 you need 4 pages