A little about our leadership ;

We, our core, are long term veterans with experience that extends all the way back to Vanilla wow. We are currently 5/10 M and always want to push with our Mythic roster, especially in 9.2.

We don’t necessarily expect everyone to parse at 95%+ because we are aiming to be a semi-hardcore guild that want’s to progress Mythic content in a timely fashion, as well as Run a bunch of Mythic ++ with everyone.

Raid Times are


Our roster Recruitment DPS spots are as follows ;

-Shadow Priest

Healer x1 ONLY;

-H Pally
-Disc/Holy Priest
-Resto Druid / boomy flex

All exceptional dps and healers will be considered, even if the class or spec is not listed!

If there are any questions please feel free to message ;

Jrzo#1414 ( GM )


Thank you who are interested in joining MythoClast. Hope to see some of you in Shadowlands. :slight_smile:

Still searching! need mage, hunter and healers for SL!

Would be interested! I’m a returning healer that played a bit through BfA but looking to return and push mythic raiding in SL. I currently have a resto shaman + resto druid.

Still ISO a few ranged and 2 healers!

Interesting in joining! /w @kargrago in game!

479 Warrior Tank/Dps Interested in joining.

Unresponsive. Still looking!

Up to the top!

Zul’jin FTW! still looking for 2 healers, 1 melee and 2 ranged dps!

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Our Roster looking promising. Almost there :slight_smile:

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Currently need 1 healer , DH and 1 ranged!

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What’s a rogue’s favourite drink?

Subtle tea.

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Thanks for being awesome Siera!

Still need 1ranged dps, 1 healer and a DH to round out our roster!

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DH here looking to talk to someone about the guild.

Can also fill other rolls if needed.

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you can reach me at jrzo#1414

What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?


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Oh that’s a good one :stuck_out_tongue:

Who ready to Party?

Need x1 ranged. lock mage or moonkin. To the top!