Delete this please

delete this please

this is a bump

Returning player … raided Mythic in Legion (R Druid) and in Uldir (B DK). I would love the opportunity to place on a team.

bump looking for more

lfm need dps and a healer!

looking for more for Mythic

looking for more!

In need of more

LF Hpally or Disc Priest

LF DH and Shadow priest

What are your thoughts on another mage

Hey are you still looking for a Holy Paladin?

Hello there Blnkn and Tirelle hope all is well add me to Bnet and we can talk.

Added ya!!!

cool talk to you soon

LF Spriest and warr!

LF Shadow priest and a Warrior but all are welcome

still looking for more!

3/8 Mythic now come and join in on the fun

still lf a spriest and warlock