Delete please

Currently seeking tanks and dps, though all are considered.

We’ll feed you. :grin:

Punch and Pie!

Seeking Brewmaster and Demon Hunters in particular, but always looking for competitors that are great players with good attitudes.

Looking for great players and also a BM Tank for realz yo…

Always looking!

Where all the Monks be?

What is love?

Baby Don’t Hurt Me…

Oppan Gangnam Style!

Still looking around

I too like to bump on posts.

Crumpity humpity the post goes bumpity

Still recruiting!

-= Bump =-

still looking for some ranged for sludge

Bump for new raiders!

Bump for new raiders and more pvp’ers!

Still looking for more to finish the tier, goal is CE every tier.

You guys in need of a VDH?