Delete please

delete please

No man dog ggogog no no do

Yeah what Iggie said

Still looking to fill out our roster going forward for mythic.

Cool crew. Come check us out.

Still looking for more people. All roles welcome to apply.

We are still looking for a few more quality players for Mythic raid spots, Newly formed group without cliques, still looking for a few more officers.

Still Looking

Need more gnomes

Solid fun group!

Helpful community looking for solid peeps to add to our ranks!

Still looking for more people to eat Iggies cookies, they have leech!!!

We be doin fine! But we could be doing better! With you’re help, we can clear CE sooner rather than later!

Still looking

Looking for pumpers!

CE spots still available!

Is that it? Need more friends!

Yes we need more

Still trialing CE raiders!

^ still lookin