Deadmines or Diremaul?

There’s a vanilla guide from like 2006 that calls it VC and everybody in the thread is also calling it VC. So we have some actually evidence of it being a thing. When I was playing vanilla, people were calling it VC. It’s not a private server “thing”.


I think the problem comes from the person who created the format calling it a “Jif”

Maybe hes just the ultimate troll.

What kind of crazy person doesn’t specify which side of Dire Maul they are running anyways?


This. I distinctly recall Deadmines being called DM while questing in Westfall. while in trade chat, or anywhere else, such as redridge mountains, people would often refer to it as VC.

For some damn reason. :man_shrugging:

To add, I remember a player in early vanilla explaining VC as meaning Van Cleef and that their reasoning for using VC instead of DM is because not everyone wanted to do a full run/clear of Deadmines back in the day. VC was a rapid way to identify a full run/clear.

No, people hardly ever did a partial clear because most people wanted stuff from Smite and VanCleef. There wasn’t much purpose in doing a partial clear.

The only people who call The Deadmines “DM” are private server players and people who started playing in MoP. By your “DM” logic the dungeon should be referred to as “TD”

It’s VC and anyone who played in vanilla knows it.

The end.

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Nah, it was DM before the game even launched, but enough people used VC after launch that it stuck, didn’t help that EU launched with 1.3(unless I got my dates wrong)

Whatever you say. I bet it’s been rough gearing up on those priv servers. Must be a real grind.

Posting on a human mage.

And yes, I’ve seen horde go there. At level.

Doesn’t matter anyway. Why would someone be in trade chat looking for a deadmines group??? it’s a level 15 dungeon that you can face roll with random people you find in westfall.

I didn’t say there was much of a reason to do a partial clear. I’m giving you the explanation given to me from a player in vanilla. I don’t see how you can say “No”. The experience or interaction with player providing the aforementioned definition given actually did occur…

The strategy guides were garbage and had all kinds of wrong stuff in them. Seriously.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the source of “VC”. 2006 was the end of Vanilla wow. TBC was Jan 2007.

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LOL, we have forum posts from before Dire Maul release referring to deadmines as VC.

That’s amazing. It’s stupid as hell, but amazing.

To add, I actually found a specific example of on Firetree

Poster: Eirodin at 4/24/2005 7:05:22 PM PDT
Subject: Firetree crashed
Just locked on Firetree at the very end of VC???

WHAT THE $%#$^#$



Poster: Atongy at 6/4/2006 12:26:02 PM PDT
Subject: Fastest Solo Priest Leveling Guide

The Zones

1-20: Starting Zone -> Barrens (h8@Silverpine). If you’re Alliance, I guess go to Westfall instead. Never been to Darkshore but I hear it sucks. I leveled a Paladin on the Honor Contest 1.10 PTR and Westfall was a great zone. Lots of good quests. You shouldn’t ever need to grind before 20. If you’re out of quests, do WC or VC. Never done VC as Horde, but there’s decent cloth loot there I think.

Hopefully, with the reference earlier by Traydrenna to the official strategy book, this will end the debate and knock a few players off their pedestal…

Arrogance, a lack of knowledge on the topic at hand, and a lack of openness to new information do not make for a great combination, friends.

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oh were playing classic cant w8 LFG VC

This thread is a joke right?

Isn’t it possible that it varied from server to server? This is like saying anyone who calls a carbonated sugar beverage from Coca Cola a “pop” instead of a “soda” is an illiterate moron and should be stoned. When actually they’re just from Iowa.


Lol… you found a few examples and you find it hard to believe people who actually played vanilla? I believe some people called it VC at this point. But saying that it was common to call it that? What a joke.

Yep, Brady games strategy guides. Those were garbage. VC was used…to refer to completing the last quest…killing VanCleef, in the dungeon referred to as DM, Deadmines.

I mean, your quoting a horde player who never ran deadmines as a source to reference the proper name for deadmines…

Hey about the wishing star in Pinocchio. Call NASA. We gotta start renaming star references.