Deadmines or Diremaul?

Doesn’t matter anyway. Why would someone be in trade chat looking for a deadmines group??? it’s a level 15 dungeon that you can face roll with random people you find in westfall.

I didn’t say there was much of a reason to do a partial clear. I’m giving you the explanation given to me from a player in vanilla. I don’t see how you can say “No”. The experience or interaction with player providing the aforementioned definition given actually did occur…

The strategy guides were garbage and had all kinds of wrong stuff in them. Seriously.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the source of “VC”. 2006 was the end of Vanilla wow. TBC was Jan 2007.

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LOL, we have forum posts from before Dire Maul release referring to deadmines as VC.

That’s amazing. It’s stupid as hell, but amazing.

To add, I actually found a specific example of on Firetree

Poster: Eirodin at 4/24/2005 7:05:22 PM PDT
Subject: Firetree crashed
Just locked on Firetree at the very end of VC???

WHAT THE $%#$^#$



Poster: Atongy at 6/4/2006 12:26:02 PM PDT
Subject: Fastest Solo Priest Leveling Guide

The Zones

1-20: Starting Zone -> Barrens (h8@Silverpine). If you’re Alliance, I guess go to Westfall instead. Never been to Darkshore but I hear it sucks. I leveled a Paladin on the Honor Contest 1.10 PTR and Westfall was a great zone. Lots of good quests. You shouldn’t ever need to grind before 20. If you’re out of quests, do WC or VC. Never done VC as Horde, but there’s decent cloth loot there I think.

Hopefully, with the reference earlier by Traydrenna to the official strategy book, this will end the debate and knock a few players off their pedestal…

Arrogance, a lack of knowledge on the topic at hand, and a lack of openness to new information do not make for a great combination, friends.

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oh were playing classic cant w8 LFG VC

This thread is a joke right?

Isn’t it possible that it varied from server to server? This is like saying anyone who calls a carbonated sugar beverage from Coca Cola a “pop” instead of a “soda” is an illiterate moron and should be stoned. When actually they’re just from Iowa.


Lol… you found a few examples and you find it hard to believe people who actually played vanilla? I believe some people called it VC at this point. But saying that it was common to call it that? What a joke.

Yep, Brady games strategy guides. Those were garbage. VC was used…to refer to completing the last quest…killing VanCleef, in the dungeon referred to as DM, Deadmines.

I mean, your quoting a horde player who never ran deadmines as a source to reference the proper name for deadmines…

Hey about the wishing star in Pinocchio. Call NASA. We gotta start renaming star references.


The reason why people call Dire Maul DM, is because we run deadmines like 1 time, maybe twice if we are leveling an alt.

We run Dire Maul like 50 times. When chat is spamming for Dire Maul runs, we use DM.

What wing are you running?


Obviously they said it to you, what I’m saying is that it wasn’t a common thing at all.

At least, in my experience and I ran Deadmines a ton back in vanilla. I leveled about one of each class through there several times and never experienced anyone doing a partial clear. Well, not counting the times the group fell apart early for one reason or another.

It’s shockingly annoying haha. It’s especially amazing because servers were much more unique in their individual cultures, and I would imagine players would have recognized the server uniqueness over a decade later.

I’m not referencing those posts as the proper (read: only) way to refer to The Deadmines. I’m referencing those posts to show proof VC existed as a reference to The Deadmines and that it could be considered common (frequency is less relevant than the fact that people did, factually, refer to it as VC). I’m not sure how you extrapolated that I said The Deadmines could only be referred to as VC in vanilla. . . I mean, my first reply in this thread indicates asking a player in early vanilla why they used VC instead of DM. . . This would indicate more than one acceptable acronym…

Deadmines (original)

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Also known as: DM, VC

Your other reply in this thread stated the guide was incorrect and the guide referenced by the Cabernet is a reference to the end of 2006 and not indicative of behavior over vanilla as a whole. You’re incorrect in your assumptions with the above references to January 21, 2005 (less than two months after release).

Most of your replies in this thread have indicated that anyone who referred to The Deadmines by the acronym VC didn’t play vanilla, played on private servers, and didn’t know what they were talking about. The evidence indicates the opposite of your suggestions, however. :upside_down_face:

Also, here is another reference point having the same annoying conversation with one side or the other stating they’re the authority on the matter and it can only be referred to as one or the other.

DM = Dire Maul

No DiM is Dire Maul. Deadmins was here before Dire Maul --Dotted 07:55, 17 July 2006 (EDT)

Hate to break it to you, but both instances were release at the same time. Dire Maul has been DM since Opening Day, just as Deadmines has been VC.

VC = Deadmines Edit

You are right, The Deadmines were here before Dire Maul, but there are so many more people asking for a group for Dire Maul than Deadmines, as all level 60’s know.

At least on my server we use DM/DiM --Dotted 14:35, 1 November 2006 (EST)

Usually when you mean Dire Maul you also say West North or East (I almost wrote south xP). And the Deadmines are often named DMs, because it’s ‘the DeadmineS’. But I don’t know what VC means. Van Cleef?

Edit: ok, it’s written there…–Frosti

On Staghelm on the Horde side it’s VC for Deadmines and DM for Dire Maul. Not so much anymore, but I kind of suspect it goes that way because high level Horde characters are more likely to be looking for a group for DM than low levels for VC. --Azaram 06:28, 5 November 2007 (UTC)

I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall. I’ve provided factual proof of VC existing as a referring acronym to indicate The Deadmines. I did not state it is the only acronym for The Deadmines or that it is the only acronym that should be used. In the future, please remember to provide evidence for your claims instead of hyperbole.

Ah. I took your reply to mean that the situation didn’t occur to me and that I was wrong for bring my experience here haha.


It did vary from server to server. I played on two different servers, Medivh and Eitrigg. On Medivh it was always referred to as DM. On Eitrigg it was referred to as VC. Of course on Eitrigg when they were calling for VC it was just a few months before the burning crusade was released so take that for what it’s worth I guess.


There’s no doubt that some people use VC for Deadmines and that it was in some non-Blizzard literature of the time. However, it really only became a thing later in the game when Dire Maul was released and such.

My opinion is that using VC is silly because it breaks the usual pattern of using the initials of an instance. Especially when you have to include extra information to say DM for Dire Maul, you have to also say the direction like DME or DMN. That means any time you would see DM alone it would be Deadmines.

But each person should play the way they want to play. If VC works for you then use it, some people will be confused by it but they’ll learn or they won’t. The same goes for people who say DM.

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Yeah, but you insist that it was somehow this commonplace term that people used despite the people in this topic flat-out telling you that you are wrong.

People didn’t call deadmines VC often. They called it DM, same way they referred to wailing caverns as WC.

Thing is, even Blizzard refers to Diremaul by wings. Everyone refers to Diremaul by wings. I don’t have to prove that. It’s not really an anecdote to be honest.

And again, VC was used way more commonly on priv servers. So yeah, I think those people are coming from priv servers and claiming to be vanilla players.

My point hasn’t changed. People who think VC was the “commonly used term” are wrong.

No matter how you wish to argue this, I promise you, as someone who actually played vanilla, this is the way it was.

VC = Violet Citadel, which is either WotLK or Legion so why are we talking about it in Classic?


This is true


When the game first came out almost 4 years ago, Van Cleef was a level 24 elite with 4 level 22 elite adds. Whereas the rest of the instance was between level 15 and 21, hence very doable by a group of level 19-20 people, VC and his adds would prove to be impossible to beat in green/white gear when the game was 2 weeks old. Remember, there weren’t any level 60s to rush you or anything at that time, and other lower level people would be too busy levelling up to rush you, because those who got the game in the first few weeks, they are the ones who really want to see the contents of the game as soon as possible, or else they could have waited till later to buy the game.

This is why doing Deadmines and doing Van Cleef would be two completely different things. When people were looking for group, they had to specify if they were going to attempt VC, which means that they won’t be inviting anybody under level 21.

Over the years, VC had been nerfed several times and has become trivial. But the short form of VC to use in place of DM had to stick, especially after the introduction of Dire Maul in March 2005, which would cause confusion in chat channels.

Only the most old school of WoW players would know this. Those who refuse to call Deadmine as VC are just showing how not old school they are.

TL;DR: VC is a Deadmines run with the intent of killing VanCleef. Back when vanilla first launched, VanCleef was on a whole other level than the rest of the dungeon.

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