Dalaran<The Mystery Machine recruiting>

MM is an end game mythic COMMUNITY. We are focused on building and growing as a community and teaching new/returning players get into raiding or M+. We are looking for players that are like minded and wanting to join a community and contribute to the guilds success.

NOW on that note we are still rounding out our Mythic raid roster for the end of BFA so we can push into SL. Our raid team is focused on CE progression for SL and future tiers. Our current progression is:

12/12N 12/12H 5/12M Nya.

Raid days/times:

Tues/wed/thur: 9pm-12am EST.

Might be changing to 2 nights a week come SL but still focused on CE

HIGH Priority:
3-4 Ranged dps


Any exceptional DPS

1-2 Healers with OS

MW Monk

We do run heroic clears for alts or more casual raiders as well to teach mechanics so they can be involved in end game content without having to pug.

Like I said at the start, we are looking for like minded players to help build a community on a server and not just be a “body” in raid.

If this interest you our guild is on Dalaran-Alliance so a faction/realm transfer is needed to join our mythic team. If you would like to check us out before committing which is PERFECTLY fine, you are more then welcomed to talk with me in game and possibly come to one of our heroic clears.

Zerorez#11983 Raid Officer/Recruiting Officer


After years inside the toxic elite, I was used to cursing and yelling at under performers until they cried and logged off or quit wow and did something productive with their lives. Since joining Mystery Machine, my rage filled outbursts are down 87% and I now scream into a pillow at night and drink heavily - like a normal well adjusted player. Let my success story be yours, come join us today!


Oh man! I have a similar success story and I’m taking my rehabilitation very serious! My rage has gone down 85% and I am now only sticking to drinking hard liquor! PROGRESS!


I added the officer in game. I’m already on Stormrage 120 as a Rogue.

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Ya ya! Glad to have you on board Rogued!! Still looking for a few ranged! And a couple healers.

Just call him Bruggie and scratch his tummy, he won’t rage!

Still looking for a few!

We’re still looking for active players in preperation for shadowlands. as for 8.3 our last week of mythic progression will either be a fresh run through the 5 bosses we’ve defeated or perhaps ra-den progression if we have enough players we could shoot for 6/12. Hope to see you all in the prepatch.

Need a few more to finish up BFA and Push into SL. High need for ranged (hunter/lock/mage) Focused on CE in Castle Nathria

Great work this patch everyone cheers to a successful 8.3 and future plans in 9.0

looking for more for SL. 6/12M good job team for the short period of time we have raided together as a team. Need some ranged and healers.