[CS LOUNGE] Shadowstepping into the Shadowlands

Finally home from work and settled, see all the beta talk in the lounge, so I check. Got it. :smiley:


I logged in to Beta and was checking out the Covenants when I saw the most important question of Shadowlands:
“Has anyone found Mankrik’s wife yet?”

That sucks.

I almost posted a naked spoiler


Shades of Monty Python. I stocked up on Holy Hand Granades.


naw, i ain’t ready to make the journey. i’m barely ready to venture into the Broken Isles, let alone Zandalar. :laughing: (course i’ve spent most of my time in the “past”, as well as on “other titles”. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's just a flesh wound...

they’ve got that in the mobile version of Terraria. it plays an angelic chorus singing “HALLELUJAH”

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They’re going to finish up the Stanley Cup just in time to start all over again. Next season is going to be as strange as this one. Not sure I agree with the leagues trying to finish the 2019-2020 seasons (basketball included), but I understand the why of it.

I’ve got a decent sized stack of books from Continuity Comics when they were around (which was post-college), and a few Image titles (that aren’t Spawn, though I have some of those, too). I suppose I could get some digital comics from the “good old days;” it wouldn’t be quite the same, but at least it would be something.

And… I’m out of coffee. Guess it’s time for a nap.

I am very torn on sports right now. I mean I love watching them, and I think at least the NBA is kind of doing it right, playing in a complete bubble and doing major regular testing. Fine. However, there is no home crowd advantage etc. Piped crowd noise is NOT the same thing.

I am sad for football season coming up. I think they are playing in major part because there is so much :moneybag::moneybag: involved with TV contracts etc. And that kind of bothers me, and I have a hard time supporting due to this reason.

In other news, grocery shopping is done, did the Sam’s stop yesterday as there is one directly next to my sons High School, and he had to go pick up his schedule and laptop yesterday. Got home to realize i forgot ONE thing, and you can’t have BBQ burgers without a proper bun. So I will have to journey out a little later today to fix that.

Look up loco moco


Well, that sounds yummy. Adding to the “list.”

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i remember when baseball was on strike. they didn’t try to rush through an entire season the moment they started back up. they just started at the beginning of a new season like normal. think hockey was the same way too if i recall correctly.

FF VII Remake Spoilers

just reached Sector 7 Slums, and i FREAKED OUT when Sephiroth showed up after you’re trying to reach the Station in Sector 8.


The reason for the early spoil is that 90% of the players have played the original and they fellt they dindt need to wait.

Thanks for the warm comments in the previous lounge!:). This job definitely has the pressure, especially if you mess up you get hit up by 3+ people within a minute :joy:. But they’re understanding! I’ve only fumbled 3 times, rest have just been adjustments :). But they really like me! :smiley: But it’s like what my fav drummer says! ”It’s not always about how you fall, it’s how you recover that matters”

I got a lot of insight tho on what goes on with social media pages, I’m sure being one for blizzard is fun but super duper busy for everyone on the team lol.


Now imagine doing that for an account with 2.2 million followers and you got my job x)


My brother’s cat has taken over my desk, front half of his body on my mouse pad. I’m try to work around him, using my leg for the mouse, but boy is it awkward. The things we do for animals.

Poor baby, though. He snuck into the laundry room last night, and was meowing for hours before my brother realized he wasn’t on the patio singing at other cats.


I should have put an ad up for myself weeks ago. :confused:

Hey all,

Just wanted to do a quick announcement that I will be out of the office for approximately two weeks. I am making a fairly big and exciting change and moving to Austin. I’ll soon be joining my teammates out there… well, as soon as we can safety be in the same building together.

I’ll likely be lurking off and on as I’ll have some access, but I won’t officially be back until the 7th of September.


oooh, Austin! Mean you’ll have to make the pilgrimage to Lockhart Texas for the Best BBQ ever. Smittys, Kreuz and Blacks are located there. It’s required, like STATE LAW… Hehehe


Just do what I did, rent a room for two nights, Start on Friday, hit up Chism Trail, then on Saturday, hit Smittys for Lunch and Kreuz for Dinners, and on Sunday hit up Blacks.

Best Birthday Present ever.


That’s a huge move! Hope you have a safe trip, and nothing breaks during the move.

But who will fix the formatting on the lounge if we have to create a new one, or did you plan the move around that? :slight_smile:


Haha. I’m only going to be gone two weeks. I usually set the autolock on a thread for 30 days, give or take a day or five.


More people jumping off the California ship!

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I may be moving for my own reasons, I am still a Californian. :stuck_out_tongue:

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