[CS Lounge] New Lounge, Same Loungers

I always tell myself to unload everything and I never do. Just builds up the (personal) guild bank.

I’m done with Shadowlands, I parked my rogue by the AH in Orgrimmar. Tomorrow, gonna sell off all my SL mats. Sitting on 330k gold right now.

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Sits on the couch

Hey everyone!


Hey Fuzzbutt!

Hands you a cup of Earl Grey


Serious crunch time, I need to have a video ready by 5pm today. It’s a 90 second promotional video for a community center.

Just got back from Black Adam at the Burbank 16 AMC in IMAX. We had the Rock there to introduce the movie to us and got a hat after the movie.




How was Black Adam? Was it any good, so far I haven’t been impressed with most DC properties.

You answered yourself.

That bad huh?

Well i did warn him well see if a blue agrees with me in the morning if they take a peek.

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DC tends to try to hard. They have very few good movies mainly due to studio interference since WB tends to want to micro-manage every aspect and with the newest leadership they have at WB, it has only gone downhill.

I reported as well.

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Some people have to try very hard to get a forum vacation and some just court it.


Made Bacon fried Cabbage today for dinner, it was a hit. Doing Pizza tonight. Gonna watch Andor, Rings of Power and Reservation Dogs tonight with dad. Sprung and She Hulk are done for the season.


Excellent. Now I can binge it when I get a day off next.

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heheh, it’s a great series. Very tongue in check.

Gotta watch Sprung though on Prime. Funny as hell. I wanna link the trailer, but it’s NSFW

Ending was a big mess tho i enjoyed the series tho.

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I’m feeling so feckless right now. I’m too awake to try and sleep. I’ve alt-hopped a bit but groups for world bosses just aren’t filling up well at the hour. I think I’m nearing another leveling burnout for bum-rushing several alts with the XP buff. I’ve got a big queue of stuff to watch, but none of that is appealing either. Just a bad case of the blahs.

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I’m just idling til the pre-patch. I also just bought the Seahorse and Vial of the Sands mounts. The sea horse was going for 3500g, the vial I got for 44k

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