[CS Lounge] Is it dangerous to go alone into the Shadowlands?

Good luck. I just finished getting the toys from Tasty Treats. I might try to get the WoD toy, and at least one Garrison is going to get the pets and decorations. Right now I’m leveling a toon with candy buckets/exploration.

(Grilled) Shrimp tacos from Rusty Taco for lunch today. Not sure what dinner will entail.

Gonna cook up some beer brats for dinner tonight. Dad said he’s not hungry for dinner tonight so it’s just me.


Bad Cow. Bad. Bad.


Keep them coming, my 10 year old gets a kick out of these kind of jokes

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careful darth, i think the bunny gnome has some…“beef” with you now.

the reopening of Lego stores was a huge event in 2020. people were lined up for blocks.





In other news, had a Cinnabon coffee this morning. Life changing. That is all.

Guess i ruffled there feathers.

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I’ll “steak” my reputation on it. I’ll have to get a different mog for feathers though.

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Grt out. The lot of you


Give it “totem”.




Ok turn signal changed. Unfortunately a new battery did not fix my keyless entry.

Not sure if it is the housing and worn out buttons or a bad keyfob. I hope it is just the shell. A new fob is expensive. Then it needs to be programmed.

Also, got my son a Ghost pepper donut from Dunkin

He was excited when I told him and said he heard they are really good.

Verdict. It rocks. The strong sweet of a donut really tones down the heat of ghost pepper, but you still get that slight burn in your mouth.

Will buy again. Fo sho

i tend to use cinnabon flavored whitener and its pretty good…though now i’m using oreo cookie flavor, and that’s just AaggaGGhGhghGhGhghhhh (Homer Simpson drool text)

as Borat would say: “Is nice! high five!”

does this pertain to the rumors that i…“herd” about you being barred from Thunder Bluff then? :stuck_out_tongue:

see, members of DontRachQuit (formerly from whatculturegaming, current hecking awesome Twitch streamer) would say “Get in the bin”. :laughing:

dunno why, but this makes me want to play as Poundmaker in Civ VI for some reason…and i honestly don’t mind playing as him, as i tend to make a LOT of gold with him via trade routes. :grin:

I’ll “jersey” that they won’t forget my visit.

The buttons on my keyfob went bad pretty quickly. Fortunately, my sister works for the manufacturer, and got me a replacement somewhat cheaper than a dealer would have. I sent her the old one so she could get it to the fob team to see if there was a QA issue or if it was heavy thumbs (which is more likely).

The worst part about the situation was that my doors would randomly lock/unlock, and my trunk would pop open at strange times. So I lost some (nothing too valuable) items from inside the car before I got it replaced.

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