[CS Lounge] Is it dangerous to go alone into the Shadowlands?

My dad in Florida makes a show of calling me to complain if he has to use his drivers’ license to scrape a little frost off his windows.


5 Million Gold on the way, right? :laughing:


Making Calzones for dinner tonight

that’s something i haven’t had in forever. sadly, Pizza Hut is the only place that makes decent calzones (or “P-zones” as they prefer to call them.) but i end up paying around $7.50 just for delivery and taxes.

If anyone’s cat just suddenly woke up…I’m sorry.

<-----eating salmon

Ah, so it’s your fault Ellie is running around the house like a maniac?


You sure it’s not my Minions chasing her around?

They’re both at school. Now, if only Dauth wasn’t being so loud on his work call, I’d have a lovely peaceful home.

A few more days for more Baby Yoda!


so dumb question for those who have a sub to Disney+…are you able to download movies/shows, or is it just the ability to watch whatever’s available on their network?

There’s an option to download for viewing on your device instead of streaming if that’s what you mean. But not to download and keep. If you choose to cancel your sub, you lose access to those downloads through the app.


ahh, k then. i’m checking out what’s available on Disney+ in Canada, as it can be vastly different than what’s available on the American version.

problem with me, is that i typically never watch movies more than once, with a few notable exceptions.

This new place is much cooler than the last.
To the point that I may have to wear pants…instead of shorts.

Glad you added the shorts part.


I’m confused.

What is this forum about?

Food mostly :grin:

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The Customer Support forum, Smokewagon? We cover that here:

The forums as a whole are for players to discuss the game and aspects of it with each other. This forum in particular focuses on Customer Support issues where folks can seek advice and direction if they feel they have an issue in-game or with their account. It is actively monitored by Support Forum Agents, like myself, who also try to provide what information when we can.

This thread is a space created for the folks who regularly hang out here, and those that come visit, so they can chit chat without disrupting other threads.


A nice church group gave me and my dad lunch today. it was pizza and a a water bottle. It’s the little things.


Hope you all having a great week. Just got called in to work today to cover a shift tonight. Only a (4) hour shift however.

Once, I get home I shall do my daily runs for the Headless Horseman’s mount. I already have all of the toys obtained. All I just need is the mount. So really hoping it drops this year!


that’s pretty much what i’m having for dinner here. picked up a frozen pizza from the local grocer. mostly cause i don’t feel like dropping $30+ on a pizza from Pizza Hut. their pizzas are good, but their prices feel like a hostage ransom. x_x

i’m just waiting for Day of the Dead for the bread recipe and Pilgrim’s Bounty for their recipes as well…mostly cause i missed out on last year. .-.