[CS Lounge] Happy Thoughts

They let the press take some pictures of the interior after the fire. Pretty bad, but it looks like the altar wasn’t touched and the gold cross is still shiny.


For the life of me, I am thinking I have stuff scheduled to do tomorrow, but I’m free all week, til Friday. On Friday, me and a friend of mine are gonna sit down and learn the current Battletech rules and throw down a few games of it.

Die, Inner Sphere scum!

Sorry, I only play in the Pre-Clans invasion. Steiner forever!

I would say I’m disappointed in the change to the water striders… but then I remember flying. It’ll just make the next expansion tedious, depending on geography.

Got an itch at the back of my throat, causing a coughing jag. So right now I cannot sleep. I have been basing some architecture trees I got for $3 for 20, and making hedgerows out of popsicle sticks and green scrubbing sponges.

Something to kill the time til I get tired.

What change? I apparently live under a rock.

I think Ekon might be referring to Blizzard removing the waterwalking ability from the Water Strider mounts.

You will still be able to put mount equipment on it to regain its waterwalking ability though.

They just want us to use other mounts instead of relying solely on that one.





I did the formatting so the links wouldn’t fill up the page with way too many previews.


Ugh, my Taco Vendor idea got absconded with on General Discussion and I can’t post there to protest…:sob:

I’ve been rewatching an old anime that I haven’t seen in a long, long time–Rurouni Kenshin. Brings back a lot of old memories… including early RP sessions with my (then) boyfriend. I kinda miss those days.

Taco vendor? Tell me more…

Buddy of mine downloaded the subtitled version of that years ago. We binge watched that all the way.
He lives in another state and I don’t know if he still has it.

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Dauth has been in Aus for 9 years today :heart:


And you got married how many days ago?

It’ll be 9 years in July.


Ok and when did you get engaged? At Disney world

Um… 2008, I think?

Think I found the cutoff.

Wait somebody promised a Taco Vendor. It Tuesday. That means Taco Tuesday. Now j want tacos. TT it is your fault. Brjng me tacos.

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I managed to get to, and kill Elegon, with 1 minute 30 seconds to spare. No mount, but that was a fun speed run.