[CS Lounge] Happy Thoughts

My mother was glad when we took her car away. We had to do everything for her after that, which was what she wanted. Her legs were so swollen she could barely walk. We couldn’t imagine how she used the brakes!

I just saw the pictures. What a loss it will be.


I’m in tears, too. It’s so heartbreaking to see. Fortunately, it sounds like they’ve gotten out most of, if not all of, the moveable treasures:

But it does sound like we’ve lost the Rose Window and other stained glass pieces. It also sounds like they think it’s spread to one of the belltowers.


Good to know. Thank you, Eilethalua.

I’d mark that as the solution if I could!


You’re welcome. I’d seen comments about it elsewhere.

The good news is that it is probably easier to re-earn if you’re at least reasonably active. It can be a little harder to keep track of the numbers since they don’t show only “the last 100 days”, but most people know which activity they might not engage in as much and need to increase a bit.

As a side note, another thing people have run into is that a character service resets everything, so changing the forum posting character means losing TL3 until it is earned again.


Oh that hurts my soul

I was kot aware until I saw TomTen and your post. It was enough to make me curious.

Some things can never be replaced. Ever. This is one of them

Edit: Thank you Murandriel for that. It made me feel a little better.


Update: The belltowers are safe (in fact I’m seeing some people standing on top of one of them now) and the fire has died down (though not out completely). Looks like they have it mostly under control now.


I’m with you, Myrandriel. Few things impact me as much as the loss of art and history. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t a total loss.


I will actually have to turn the news on when I get home.

Maybe BBC. I don’t usually watch the news. Too sensationalistic. However I am not sure watching a replay years later would make the same impact upon me.

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I can’t finish reading the article I found. Its just devastating. All that history, lost.


Unless something bad happens, it’s going to be a fight for us. He’s made that clear.

Update two: The main structure has been saved, most of the art, the artifacts, and other pieces have been saved, the belltowers and facade still stand. Macron has committed to an international fundraiser to rebuild, starting tomorrow. Notre Dame hasn’t fallen. She’s hurt, but she still stands, and my tears are now of relief.

I just hope we hear the bells soon.


That is great news!!


Thank you for this.


I didn’t do!
That was not my Infernal!
Hides behind his blueberry


Oh yeah?? What’s your alibi?

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I can’t watch the news, going to go get food instead and be upset.

That is an excellent way of putting it, though I wasn’t prepared for the smack of feels it would give me.


Kind of a manic day for me today. Base coated a ton of miniatures, then cleaned up the kitchen, THEN ran a ton of errands.


For one. I didn’t know that it’s in France.