Creation Catalyst

I created a set item and it didn’t receive the set bonus. I was charged the Cosmic Flux and the 6 day 16 hour Cooldwon.

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Was the item a helm, shoulder, chest, gloves or leg piece?

All items get converted to a set piece, but not all set pieces receive the set bonus.

You can find more information here:

When you place your item in the converter it shows you what you will receive, as well as a confirmation box if you opt to convert it. That way you know exactly what you are spending and for what item.


that was my 1st time using it. I didn’t notice it wasn’t going to do anything at all to the item.
I placed a cloak in the converter and it didnt do anything. can I please get a refund so I may use it on an item it is meant to be used in it.


Non set bonus slot items (ie, not helm, chest etc) will not become set bonus items. They are only transmogged to suit the set appearance.

Blizzard won’t refund it. It clearly shows what the item will become when you put it into the slot before activate it.


No, I’m afraid not, Heldire. Our staff is unable to swap out or otherwise refund the conversion. I know it isn’t much of a consolation, but you’ll be able to convert another piece in a week.

Be sure to check what the item converts into before hitting the confirmation box. Good luck.


So glad I wasted a week of creation catalyst time on crafting a transmog that I couldn’t care less about. I too was under the impression that any item could be converted into a set piece, where set piece means 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, etc. What a stupid system. Why would creating a transmog still cause a week delay?!? I didn’t get any player power out of it except it changed stats from my ideal stats to lesser stats, because again, its a stupid system.

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In the article announcing the Creation Catalyst, it tells you exactly what items would get the stats for the 2 or 4 piece. It isn’t Blizzard’s fault that you failed to read it when it was even linked on the launcher for you to be able to do so. The article was released before the date the catalyst was opened.


Note that the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses will only be on the helms, shoulders, chests, gloves, and legs.


Because you’re still using the catalyst regardless.

It shows you exactly what the item will turn in to before you agree to use it, and even then there is a cool down timer once activated.

No, this is simply players rushing in and not researching how it all works beforehand.


It isn’t about the specific piece of gear that is created, it is a cooldown on the Creation Catalyst itself.

I am sorry for the frustration your this may have cause, but even without reading the information that was available in the linked forum thread or the information that was available on sites like wowhead, the item you were receiving was presented to you as part of the process. The system itself puts you in direct control and shows you what you were going to receive, which includes a confirmation window.

Our Developers try to provide what information and protections they can to help avoid errors but at some point the responsibility for those mistakes are yours.

If you wish to see a change to how the system works you’ll want to submit feedback so our Game Developers can see.

Since nothing else can really come from this I’m going to lock this one up.