Anyone else had creation catalyst restored?

It’s very confusing when they allow all items to be crafted into set and then some does not appear to activate set bonus.

Anyone managed to get their catalyst charge restored ?



well, there was a psa forum post letting people know this is a intended function. only tier slots give tier gear.

why make a non tier slot item full knowing its not a tier slot?
it even shows you what the item its going to transform into in the preview window.
its like, grabbing an item out of the vault without even looking at the stats.


Yeap, not to mention this is a way to quasi reforge your gear stats, AND get tmogs you’ve been trading away for the good of the raid.


I can see next weeks hot fix

The dummy proofing for Creation Catalyst has been dummy proofed


i feel like it should natively warn you that non tier slots wont get tier properties
it shouldn’t have to but if there was a window that popped up and was like
“Hey! It looks like the item you’re trying to transfer won’t have set properties! Are you sure you’d like to continue?
okay / cancel”
a lot of people would have been saved an entire week


Do pvp items stay pvp items but gain tier set?

They keep the item level bonus when entering PvP if that’s what you are referring to.

And millions more would waste 5 seconds because you can’t read.


That’s good but do they also keep the versatility stats and ability to upgrade?

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No, pvp items become raid item in name and in preset stats, but they retain the 1/9 upgrade path and will display “unranked”, “challenger” etc on them. The appearance remains pvp as well, it does not become raid recolour


Secondary stats are changed to whatever the tier would be if it dropped normally.
Upgrade option stays though. So if you were at 5/7 upgrade and made tier, your new tier piece would be upgradeable and at 5/7 as well.

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The ones that say they will have the set bonuses are the ones that have the set bonuses.
I’m not sure what’s confusing about it tbh.


contrary to what it seems you’re implying, i am not in the group of people who would’ve benefited from it, as i do know how to read and made a 272 helm into a godstalker’s helm on my orc hunter

Nothing about it is confusing whatsoever and the entire process has been described in detail on Wowhead for a while now. People just rushed to throw a piece of gear into it, didn’t bother to read anything past the name of the gear and whether it was an appearance not yet collected, and forged it. They’re collectively saying it’s confusing to try and save face.

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Dont you have like 83 mythic raiding guilds

You shouldnt of made such an obvious mistake


Guys be reasonable. English may not be the first language of some of us. Aside, it’s indeed bad design. There’s infinitely better ways to do this creation catalyst thing

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If only blizz put out a post explaining what would and wouldn’t give the tier bonus… oh wait they did.

It’s on you if you dont pay attention to things. Especially since if you put a piece in and then check what you are getting in it’s place it will tell you the stats and bonus if it has one


No, they turn into tier, but use the PvP upgrade.