Community counsel

So what ever happened with the community counsel thing? Does blizzard and them actually talk anymore or was it all just a PR stunt?

Why are they not in constant communication about the Dracthyr soar nerf that has had tremendous backlash. Why are they not discussing the hot topic with blizzard about the slime Kitty mount in LFR.

What was the point of creating this counsel if nothing is being done about these issues among so many others and blizzard isn’t coming out with a statement saying that they are at least in discussion with the community counsel. This whole thing seems like a joke now.

If only there were some way you could’ve checked for yourself before making a sensationalist post.


To put it simply; They just don’t care about the communities opinion lol. They want it how THEY want it, and most if not all of the community will continue to pay 15$ a month to be told no THIS is how it’s gonna be regardless of how you FEEL. Take your feelings to final fantasy.

giggles uncontrollably


They seem to only care about the mega forum try hards who don’t have any forum infarctions. The community council is a joke. I hope they do away with it.


They are just a bunch of oranges :rofl:

You really think the Community Managers failed to notice all the posts about Slime Kitty or Soar?

There is a forum where you can read what the Council has been saying.

With threads like this linking a bunch of the GD thread from here, just in case the CMs missed it.

Or this

Dragonriding is mostly discussed on the Alpha forum, including by Council folks. This thread here has the feedback in it.

Any response from Blizzard to the Council folks on those topics will be in those forums.

You can go read those yourself.


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Why yes. This community does require… counseling.

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Yes and where are the responses from blizzard? Without those a counsel members post is not anymore important than someone who isn’t on the counsel.

You can go look at the forum yourself it’s not hidden away in secret chambers only for the blood-initiated.
Go back to the forums list and look like 2 forums down.
Blues actually respond there.

Would you want to try and defend garbage decisions to folks who know better?

They are just manipulating their token sales it’s quite obvious.


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this. imo. this.

It is “council”.

There are no blue posts that I know of on those topics at this point. You can see any and all Dev interactions via the forums. That is the only place they are allowed to talk to the Council, and the only place the Council is allowed to give feedback. What there is, is all in the open.

You are free to read any responses to any Council posts.

Also, “constant communication” is not going to change anything. They have the feedback. We can only see later what they do with it. Asking “are we there yet” every 30 seconds is counter productive.



I think the person responsible for the decision should have the courage to reply.

Long term health of the game is just pure unadulterated gibberish. Many folks have pointed that out, we all know it’s FOMO manipulation to sell tokens.



Because it is way overly spammed by everyone now.

Because people keep bring it up only for the sake of bring it up without ever adding anything new to the topic.

And also…




:frowning: …title.

Sounds like you wish to counsel the council so that way you can console them.

PC >> Consoles :sunglasses:

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Mac >> PC

Mac and Cheese >> Cajun Rice

Cheese = yum

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We keep most alpha feedback in the alpha forums, as that’s what we were asked to do.

I’ve been very vocal that the radio silence on slime cat/soar isn’t helpful, however please keep in mind the cms don’t work on weekends to my knowledge.

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