Feedback: Dragonriding

In this thread, please post your feedback about Dragonriding, after you’ve tested it in the Dragonflight Alpha.

WoW Developer Greyton has a full introduction to this feature for you here.

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I was just engaged in a WorldPvP speed racing game of cat-and-mouse (I was the mouse because apparently I’m a terrible Evoker LOL) and it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a mount! It was SO fun to use the terrain and altitudes to try to out speed and intercept your target. So so fun!


I have nothing but glowing praise for the entire system so far, so I suppose if I was to offer any feedback in the spirit of throwing around ideas to try and make this the best it can be… Maybe some indicator of your mounts energy bar while you’re dismounted on its icon. The one situation I can see is being very useful and is flying around gathering herbs and mining nodes, where you’ll be rapidly mounting dismounting and spending energy.


My first impression is it feels so dynamic. It weird to get use to. 15 or so years of just getting on your flying mount and pressing space bar and you just zoom through the air. You just point where you want to go and just kinda zone out or watch something on your second monitor as you mindlessly fly to you destination.

Now when you double hit space bar you fly up into the air and you have to use momentum and plan out how you are going to fly. You burst up into the air, dive down to gain speed and then glide out to your destination. It keeps you interested. The fun may wear off and it may get tedious but right now flying takes planning instead mindless holding the move forward button.


I really enjoy it so far, it feels so much better than regular flying. When I was playing around with soar even, (which is a basic untalented version of dragonriding) it was quite fast in Orgrimmar and I felt so slow when flying back on my regular 310 mount, it makes regular flying feel bad and I cannot wait to play it at max rank, it just feels -so- good.

I know it’s early to talk about it going forward in the future but I cannot see myself loathing the system, it just feels fun everytime, and I usually end up getting distracted from my task to dragonride more. We’ll see how it feels later, but A++ so far, any doubts of it feeling like a chore have been completely squashed.


So far, my main thought is mounting the dragon should give you one free jump up if used within like 3-5 seconds. Only on fresh summons.

Because otherwise, you end up having to use 2, potentially all 3 of your energy just to get enough altitude to gain speed. It doesn’t feel good.

EDIT: The above was before we knew Dragonriding Talents would give us up to 7 energy.

That said - it is fun, I prefer regular flying but this will be fine until that unlocks.

Also, one of the traits we learn is that we can “see” the wind currents when we’re on the dragons so we know where to go to gain speed, but I’ve never seen them. Is it just talking about the wind that randomly spawns around you as you’re flying, or is there supposed to be visible currents we can go through? And if it’s the former, I suggest altering the text of the passive to make that a bit more clear, as I thought I had to look out for currents.


I find it very disorienting to get used to. I guess I need more time with the mechanic but it sure feels worse than having full total control with flying right now.


Echoing what I said above, right now I still just wish I had normal flying. Obviously, it’s not fully upgraded, I have no idea if this will actually change when the Dragon gets more air time than it does right now. It’s fine or on par with flying a lot of the time, you can get enough distance to get to your next quest hub, but there are a few times where it didn’t seem like it’d be possible in the current state. It’s not the biggest hindrance and it surely beats out riding on the ground everywhere 100% of the time.

Yet I still wish I just had the freedom of normal flying, the ability to soar and float super high and get some nice screenshots which just is impossible with Dragonriding right at this moment for me.


I would like some sort of (more obvious) indicator that I’m angling up or down, it’s hard to tell sometimes that I’m at risk of slowing down and having to land.


Came to write about the angling indicator as well! I think we get it with the wind effect when speeding up although not in the first few seconds of angling down or not angling down enough. And, there is no indicator when slowing down or angling up to much.

Dragon Riding feels fantastic though.


Hopefully the DC issue gets fixed soon, as I am loving flying (or falling with style) with my dragon mount.

I’ll be honest, in retail even before Dragonflight was announced, I used to goof around with my mounts all the time. I would nose dive and then pull up at the last minute, skimming across the land…So this actually being a thing in WoW now is great.

I spent most of the first day of Alpha messing around with dragonriding, get used to how it works. I do echo the above feedback that sometimes it is hard to know when you are at risk of slowing down / landing

I have tried customising my dragon, adding more horns, different coloured eyes etc, the UI needs a bit of work but its good so far. I wish you could learn the new horns etc at any location rather than just at the dragon barber (yes I cant remember the proper name…)

As a goblin player, and an engineer, I would love so much if we could see some mechanical options for our dragons. Maybe a robotic limb or buzz saw on the tail…or rockets on its back…everything is better with rockets!

I do feel once regular flying unlocks that dragonriding may not be used as much. Though I am hoping that diving and pulling up could give a boost in speed to regular flying


I quite like the system so far. Had a good time messing with the dragonriding races. It took some getting used to going for height initially rather than the current-normal of just facing upward and pressing W on live.

My main gripe would be how bad it feels going “up” Azure Span from the southwest corner. The elevation change is so steep that you can’t really gain enough altitude to stay flying the whole way, so you end up walking a bunch and it feels less like dragon riding and more like being on a ground mount.

The other issue I ran into was early one when I flew out over the water, ran out of vigor and fell into it. I had to just paddle around and wait for 2 charges of Vigor to actually get back on land because of the height of the cliffs. That may be more of a reflection on Azure Span—perhaps just needs more cuts from the cliffside water up onto land.

I also do like the “free” jump after mounting idea. It doesn’t need to give “real” vigor, it can just be a glowy proc that makes it free once after mounting.


I love this system. It is very fun to play with.

My main feedback is that it is too easy to gain unlimited altitude and fly forever. I definitely think indefinite flight should be possible, but the fact that it is possible with just a few hours of game time to learn it and no upgrades makes me think it will be totally trivial for 99% of the expansion.

It would be nice for the grounded Vigor to replenish faster, as sometimes when needing to land and takeoff in quick succession, like when completing a quest, Vigor can still be empty when remounting, which can be quite frustrating. Or perhaps a better solution is to just cause mounting to raise your Vigor to a minimum of 1.

If it went live exactly as is, then this would still be an awesome feature.

One minor bug related to riding that I also reported in game: leaving the dragon appearance room leaves the camera zoomed in on the player.

There are times when I press the Skyward Ascent button, and it doesn’t fly up in the air. Seems to be impacted by some terrains.


So far, loving the mechanic and it just feels nice. Right now I could only ask for the possible being able to start a flight in the way you would with DH and Draks, but not having to need using Accent. Several times now I’ve fell off an edge with no way to open my wings because I had no Vigor and I just slid down a mountain side and died on impact.


Otherwise, it’s hard for me to make any other statements on what could be changed without knowing and feeling for the various upgrades we will unlocks.

Really enjoyed Dragonriding, feels much more interactive than regular flying where you just press Num Lock and tab out of your game. The way your dragon moves and pivots as you turn, etc just feels really cool in comparison to the static way current flying mounts move. Very excited that this is apparently only the beginning of the system and probably the weakest our Dragonriding will be, excited to see what the Dragonriding talents will look like.


Morgan Day recently mentioned in an interview that the team was open to the idea of letting players name their dragons and to express interest now.

It would be really nice and a great (hopefully simple!) way to further push forward the player expression regarding this system.


Currently I believe it is way too easy to gain a LOT of height by doing the following:

  1. Gain a little bit of height by using Skyward Ascent or jumping off a cliff.
  2. Fly down just enough to gain a bit of speed.
  3. After you have some speed quickly turn skywards and press Skyward Ascent. You’ll fly quite a good distance in whatever direction you are facing (even if it is straight up) without losing speed for some time.

Knowing this makes it real hard for me to find any use for the other Dragonriding abilties. The spiral does look cool though.

Despite that, I have absolutely fallen in love with Dragonriding and I am extremely interested to see how the system evolves as you progress through the expansion. I look forward to more mounts and customizations to be discovered and unlocked through various methods.

One of the biggest things I would love to see sometime in the future is PvP integration in Dragonriding, whether it be challenging another player to a race or other challenge, crashing into a hostile player mid-air, or even having some exclusive Dragonriding PvP abilities.


I feel Dragonriding will be a great addition to the game. I have some concerns and some positives.

A major flaw I see with the system is flying uphill. I understand it’s supposed to be a challenge, but I do feel that flying uphill, or crossing tall mountains is needlessly complicated with the current implementation of the system.

Mostly related is the ease of moving short distances. Hopping on my mount to fly like 50 feet is something I, and I imagine most players, have become accustomed to over time. With this system in place as it is, it’s almost an ‘investment’ to do this, seeing as jumping requires Vigor.

I’d suggest some way to cross small distances without consuming energy. It doesn’t have to be fast or particularly effective, just a way to cross terrain faster than you would normally on foot. I think a good way to do this would be to add a “mini jump” to allow the dragon to jump just high enough to gain a small amount of speed to cross a small obstacle or something.

Something I miss is the ability to just fly up into the air and AFK in safety. An ability you could use when in the air to “hover” indefinitely would be nice. Cancels upon movement or damage, but otherwise allows you to just hang in the air while you’re AFK?

I do believe a free jump after mounting would be a great addition. On top of that, faster Vigor regen on the ground is a great idea.

And finally, I’d suggest stealing an idea from Elden Ring to help remedy the problem of crossing common mountains, or going uphill in a widely travelled area. Add some little updraft areas that, when you activate your jump in them, sends you flying maybe 1.5x to 2x higher up than you would normally. I do feel this should probably be limited in scope however, to avoid trivializing the system as a whole.


This is a very good call-out. We’re working on improving the dragonriding gap detection to fix issues like this. We’ve noticed that dragonriding won’t kick in with some slope types, so we’ll be addressing those in a future build.