The Winds of Wisdom 50% XP buff should be extended until Dragonflight releases

The 50% XP buff given from levels 10 to 60 has really made a lot of the world come to life. I’ve been seeing lots more people out in the world. More people means more people playing the game, I can’t see that as being a bad thing.

It has been suggested on the general forum that the Winds of Wisdom 50% XP buff should be extended until the release of Dragonflight. I actually agree with this sentiment. Giving people the chance to level up more alts more quickly in preparation for the new expansion can only be healthy for the game.

One would counterargue that leveling is fast enough from 1 to 50. It is fast, but 50% faster is even better.

Something similar was done in 2020 when the XP buff was extended until the release of Shadowlands. Different circumstances, but I still think it could be a good way to show some goodwill to people. It’s definitely had an impact on the amount to people logged on concurrently, that part can’t be disputed by really anyone.

More people to interact with, more people to play with, more people to make new friends with.

Why not make it so, Blizzard?

Just a mere suggestion, not begging, whining or feeling entitled, just wanted to echo the suggestion many others have given as well.



I had thought for sure they were doing it until Dragonflight since they ended up doing it before Shadowlands!

No way they should be making the same mistake again.


Completely agree.


Leveling alts is pretty much the only reason I’m still playing until Dragonflight… When you look at how much the xp to level drops off a cliff after level 30 in Dragonflight it seems like a penalty to bother to do it now even with the 50% buff.


I understand, but this is to get people to level and get ready for the expansion. They aren’t implementing those XP changes until Dragonflight is released. In the interim, the 50% XP buff is a nice stopgap to allow others to level and prepare alts for the new expansion.

Just how I see it.


Totally agree that the extra XP buff should be in place until Dragonflight releases. This would give some extra time to level many character(s) players want to have at Level 60 before the expansion launches.


With the amount of class change that will occur due to the substantial (and awesome) talent tree changes it will be very difficult to predict in advance which class people will need to utilize to suit their playstyle. Having an extended opportunity to prepare multiple options is worth doing. It is also a great motivator for playing around with different leveling paths. Personally I’ve been working on completing the Loremaster achievement (and allied race leveling in the process) as I’m questing and so far playing all of the quest chains I had previously missed has been a ton of fun!


Yeah I agree with all this. Time to level more characters is always good. I’ve had characters sitting at 50 for all of shadowlands that I’m finally working on getting to 60 incase I want to use them in Dragonflight


I do feel that it’s far too short of a time period for what we have now.

Look, I haven’t been home since July 4th. I’ve been at camp. I only just got home two days ago, and I just found out about this buff!

And it’s going away August 3rd? That gives me only one week!

There’s many of people out there who are like me — they’ve got a summer job, they were gone on a vacation, they were gone for a reason or another — and they missed out on this, which was a short-lived event with like 3 weeks’ worth of 50% exp buff.

It really, really doesn’t feel great at all. I’m hugely bummed that I missed out on this (I love leveling alts), all because I was at camp for just two weeks. :slightly_frowning_face:

(The other days were spent traveling. I live in California. It takes all day to travel from one part to another. Traveling = no time to play WoW.)


I understand that its a buisness and they need to make money on level boosts but at the cost of players it should really pale in comparison. I have a few friends who wanted to come back but were instantly dissuaded when they learned the leveling increase wasnt until the next expansion launches because they wanted to enjoy the content they missed out on instead of just rushing past everything because they were on time restraints.

Those few people will never be playing now so its a total loss in profit for someone who may have quit YEARS from now and even bought other stuff later on.


Not to mention existing players. I’m burning myself out trying to level as many as I can before season 4.

Like, if I knew it was until Dragonflight, I’d be more relaxed. But no, I’m gonna end up burning myself out and not wanting to touch WoW during Season 4 over it. :confused:


Same here, it’s the FOMO aspect. I hate feeling rushed, Dragonflight isn’t out until the end of November, early December, give us something to do to prepare. Even Classic WoW gets a longer XP buff uptime than retail does. Come on, Blizzard, extend it.


Especially for those of us trying to provide feedback and bug testing on alpha - we’re being asked to choose between helping or the exp bonus. Lol.


Exactly, I found myself on Alpha very little this week because of FOMO.


I wonder if any consideration has been given to extending this? Even Classic WoW is getting the XP buff for a longer extended period of time.

Please consider extending this at least until WoW’s 18th anniversary event or Dragonflight pre-patch. Hate feeling so rushed to play so much the past few weeks due to FOMO.


I agree.

It’s weird that they did it at the end of the season when a lot of the existing player base is going to be trying to push a seasonal Rewards. It doesn’t leave us a lot of room to take advantage of the experience buff and it feels bad. Not to mention that we also want to test alpha.


Agreed here too. This is a perfect time to level alt, get the Allied Race armor sets, etc. I started doing it, then realized I was going to feel anxious and pressured so just stopped.

I can’t level those alts, test Alpha, and do IRL projects.

Feeling pressured and rushed is not fun. Games should be fun. There is nothing harmful by extending the buff until DF, that I can think of.


Sometimes I feel like I’m offering feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism to a brick wall. I am a reasonable individual, I realize Blizzard simply cannot give in to every request or answer every thread or post. With that said, isn’t that part of what the Community Council is all about? To be able to voice these kinds of suggestions, offer valid and viable feedback that could be construed as positive for the bulk of the player base?

It feels like I’m wasting my breath making all of these suggestions, offering so much feedback and it feels like I’m literally staring at a blank wall and talking directly to it. Sure, that’s a bit hyperbolic in nature, but it’s not the furthest from the truth either.

Classic WoW gets an extended XP buff leading into pre-patch, so why can’t Dragonflight receive the exact same treatment? Is it because it will cut into their 60 dollar boost sales, is that really the main reason why they won’t extend it beyond two weeks? I’m only guessing since no one from Blizzard will acknowledge any of my feedback or suggestions.

It’s not just on this issue, but quite a few stemming over the last seven days. Instead of offering viable feedback to the player base, they decided to keep quiet on many of the issues that many have been strongly opinionated as of late. This doesn’t serve them well and only continues to gaslight the opinions that Blizzard doesn’t listen.

You know what? At least not lately, it doesn’t feel like they are actually listening. So, what’s the point of the Community Council if even we can’t receive any sort of communication? VERY frustrating.


Yea, I was confused why this buff wasn’t extended until the end of the expansion. I can only hope that pre-patch has a Legion style event that will make levelling alts incredible fast.


Communication is a huge Achilles heel for Blizzard. Has been for years and that is the feedback that the MVPs, and others have been giving them in spades.

I get it, the player base is abusive across the industry. Across most fandoms actually. Nobody is asking for them to roll over and do whatever is demanded, but providing some sort of statement saying they hear the feedback would be a start. If they are not going to make a change, at least tell us WHY they feel their decision is in the best interest of the game and players overall.

I really really can’t see a single reason to not extend the buff. None. If they can come up with a good one, I would like to hear it. Even “We understand this is a popular buff and people are enjoying working on alts, heritage armor characters, etc. While this buff is ending, we have other activities planned that will also boost XP in the near future”.

IF something like that was said, and TRUE, people would chill. Instead despite lots of requests, they say nothing.