[Community Council] Dual Spec, But Different [Fedback Needed!]

Hi there! I’d like more feedback on the possibility of the PvP-only dual spec as a ‘middle ground’ to bridge the gap between here and WotLK. I just posted this write-up here:

But if there are any angles I haven’t considered in that post, I’m keen on hearing it. Thanks!


No need to restrict it that much. Just put a 1-2 hour cool down on it.

And doable in a rested zone, only.


Yeah, that’s definitely something that I think would be the easier way out. I’m just worried about being asked to, for example, go dreamstate for half of a raid then port out and go to full boomie for the other half. Even with a cooldown, it still does open up the door to potential nit-pickery and PvE expectations…which is definitely going to be a thing in WotLK, don’t get me wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:
Or having to say to your friends, hey sorry I’d love to do some arenas but I’m broke and my spec CD is up in two hours.
I don’t think there’s any good solution to it. Maybe an even longer CD?

(Also hello fellow Heartseeker-ian :] )

Quite frankly, a 1 hour CD will limit abuse significantly. I’d like the option to go prot or ret without paying extra.

The “PvP only” thing doesn’t make much sense… Who’d determine a PvP spec? Blizzard?

Another note - when population drops, guilds have a hard time filling their roster. Dual spec will help, as folks could help fill roles as-needed.

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PvP Spec would be a spec- whatever you want it to be- that would only activate in PvP instances and never in the open world* or in raids.
*I cover WPvP in the CC Forum post.

This is true, but honestly, people do already do that, especially hybrids. Maybe not as much on the fly, but my guild definitely has more than a handful respeccing each week to fill as needed.

All DS needs to do is cut down on the trips and purchases to the class trainer. So far even with all your restrictions it’s still better than nothing. You can always cut down on the restrictions at a later time.

The point is to implement it sooner than later.

Anyone who wants dual spec is welcome to go play Retail, NOT Classic.


That’s what I’m thinking; I feel this would be a change that wouldn’t change the “spirit” of TBC too much while still being inviting for folks who want to do more content in a game where it desperately needs both more content and more participation in that content. (And this is coming from a full PvE boomie who just rolls into arenas for points once a week for lulz, not a diehard PvPer.)
Once WotLK launches, then maybe we could have the Wrath DS + PvP spec, or just the usual Wrath DS and lift those restrictions.

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Wrath dual spec is closer than you think; and I absolutely don’t want unlimited dual spec, just throwing the idea of PvP only spec out there. You are welcome to read my original linked forum post :slight_smile:

Wrath is going to be dead in the water if they implement garbage features that drove us away from the game in the first place. We came to play Classic to NOT have things like dual spec, LFG, LFR, or any of that nonsense.

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I didn’t want H v H BGs and I learned to like them. You have to learn to compromise.


That’d be too complicated and restrictive.

Quite frankly, guilds can set their own rules regarding dual spec in raids, and members can choose whether the guild is a good fit for them, or not.

A cooldown might not be necessary. What about making a specific class trainer that handles the swap? Park them in SW Keep or the Keep in Orgrimar. The raiders in general may not be too keen on waiting for spec swaps, and it’ll become a non-issue.


I think LFG and LFR are two of the most awful, abhorrent game choices possibly ever made. I sincerely hope that they’re never added in future iterations of Classic.
I really don’t think dual spec- and especially not one that’s so restrictive- compares to either of those.

It does. We should never give an inch, because that’s how we got Cataclysm.

The fact that we just had LFR-level nerfs go through ALL of our current raid content does not give me any shred of confidence.


The services are wonderful. Much like everything else in the game, it’s how the players abuse them that ruins things.


I think a CD + specific trainer might be enough to dissuade raiders from bouncing between specs. I’m just not sure how practical any of this will be; I’m sure adding DS as it is in WotLK would be the easiest switch to flip, so I’m not sure how much effort to realistically expect from Blizz on this, if at all.

Yeah, that’s a super bummer. Time for the rest of the tier to be stale. 8/10 guilds did not need to be BT/MH attuned day one of release. :\

Honestly, the QoL improvement of the WotLK dual spec would be such a boon to so many players. They should just flip the switch.

Guilds can do that now. Any guild that wanted that could easily pay the respec cost if you can’t afford it. But they don’t. I don’t get why you think it needs to be harder to respec in raids with dual spec than it currently is without it.


Could we drop the dual spec issue please and focus on server faction imbalance and the transfers off before worrying about gold costs?