[Community Council] Dual Spec, But Different [Fedback Needed!]

Your issues aren’t more important than any other persons issues. I don’t care at all about faction imbalance. It’s not a problem for me. But you don’t see me going to those threads and telling people to drop the issue and focus on the issues I care about.


I can afford the respecs. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about things like having people swap around for every boss. I’m worried about asking our resto druid to go dreamstate for a few fights and getting pushback from them about it. I’m worried about people suddenly, or even eventually, needing to have a second spec ready to go- especially hybrids. I’m worried about bringing less feral tanks because one of their strongest points is that they can stay the same spec, put on different gear, and still do amazing tanking and pretty damn good dps without the hullaballoo. Warriors and pallies definitely cannot say the same. I distinctly remember having an AoE spec and a ST sustain spec and flip flopping in ICC. It is absolutely a thing that will and historically has happened in Wrath. And that’s okay; it’s just not WotLK right now.


Yep! It was linked in my original post: State of TBC Servers
And was the first Council post made about TBCC.


Never saw this post. Never even knew there was community council discussion section.

Yeah, we are unfortunately waiting on dev responses, but it’s a topic that’s number one priority for, I’d imagine, a majority of the playerbase, and I really do hope it gets addressed.

Guilds can make that demand now. They don’t do it because the time in porting to a city and getting summoned back isn’t worth it. Adding dual spec that can only be changed in a major city is the same as it is now except the cost is removed. You are suggesting that for your pvp only spec, only change it in a major city. I’m fine with also adding a cool down to make it even more difficult to change specs with dual spec than it is now. But I don’t get why you think it should be more difficult to protect raiders than it currently is.

I don’t think any of this needs to be an issue.

If a player wants to be in a hardcore guild, then they should be aware that they’ll be expected to do more.

If that kind of environment isn’t for them, then they can roll with another guild.

There’s nothing wrong with saying “no” if someone’s asking you to do something you’re not comfortable with. Especially since it’s your money and time being spent.

Does this mean the devs are actually considering dual spec for Classic? They didn’t completely shut it down outright?

I made the post an hour ago, I have no idea.
The server population post was made 9 days ago, so still, no idea. No blues have responded to any TBC issues yet, but the Council has only existed for…9 days, so we’ll have to see.

I like the idea of DS in PVP instances only, but giving Druids or pallies the ability to fill two other roles that are scarce would realistically increase dungeon runs/PUGS, especially with badge gear being updated. Hell, even some DPS might say f it, I’ll run a dungeon to take a break from this BG since it doesn’t cost me.

Queue times are creeping up in PVP, so anything helps. The PVP instance DS would probably be an easier sell to the vocal minority who is opposed to DS.


You’re right, I just don’t know how to realistically- and fairly- implement that. Something something not fair druids do everything something something why can’t we all have DS something. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Feedback though if these players are “hardcore” to change specs during a raid that should be covered by the guild. Raiding SSC/TK maybe takes 2 days and you loot about 20-30 raw gold. so 1/4 of your respec back and forth is covered. IF you do the skettis daily and escort the prisoner each day you haveanother 77gold.and you can respec twice. With all the dailies available, pvp daily included if youre respecing there is just no reason to implement it besides being cheap. It is very easy to make 100gold in an hour with all the dailies available. Daily heroic and regular dungeon as well. If the real reason is because people just dont want to spend the gold and want free respecs then so be it. Raiding is fairly cheap, specially with the nerfs. I think i respecd atleast 7times lastweek.

No need for fairness, it’s an MMO. I wouldn’t roll a gnome mage and expect to tank. Besides, people are already bothered by the priority healers and tanks get. DS is the fastest way to increase the number of tanks and healers.

More tanks and healers = lower priority for them and DPS becomes more valuable…not that they will ever be on par though.

That is the beauty of WoW. Druids do it all, but Mages never have to buy water, shamans get to hearth every 15 mins, etc.

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I’d be curious as to what problem(s) it solves and how you would measure success.

You’ve stated: “something that’s universally enjoyed by the playerbase” in regards to this PVP Dual Spec, but how many people would actually use it? What percentage of the playerbase PVPs now? How different is that in WoW Classic, TBC Classic, SoM, Retail?

Are there overwhelmingly higher percentages of people engaging in PVP on Retail than any of the Classic series?

Anyway, just to reiterate, what problem(s) does it solve, and how would you measure success?

Guilds can do that now. Why don’t they? Why would they suddenly start doing it if dual spec was added with a cool down and only changed in a major city? It seems to me that would make it less likely to happen than the current system.

Guilds can do that now. Why don’t they? Why would they suddenly start doing it if dual spec was added with a cool down and only changed in a major city? It seems to me that would make it less likely to happen than the current system.

Guilds can do that now. Why don’t they? Why would they suddenly start doing it if dual spec was added with a cool down and only changed in a major city? It seems to me that would make it less likely to happen than the current system.


I’m not going to respond to someone who is aggressively non constructive. We’ve hashed out quite a bit over multiple threads tonight. I don’t want or agree with DS in TBC, full stop. It’s my duty as someone on the CC to represent all players, not just those that agree with me. That’s why there’s the blurb in the OOP about the cd+capital city idea that you seem so staunchly defending. Have a nice night, I’m off to bed :slight_smile:


That’s fine,you’re entitled to your opinion. But you’re unwilling to explain your reasons. You keep bringing up problems that would not occur if dual spec was added with a cool down and only changed in a major city which you yourself suggested in your post. Don’t make up false reasons why it shouldn’t be added. That’s what I find non constructive. If you’re opposed just explain why dual spec with a cooldown and only changed in a major city would cause any of those problems in raids. I think you realize you don’t have any good reasons so you just keep repeating the problems that might happen if dual spec was added with out any limitations.

But you’re clearly not representing all players. Just the few that might like to have a pvp spec they can only use in arenas or BG’s. I think that’s a small number of players, just the one’s that agree with you.


IMO duel spec would be fine for just PVP but honesty I don’t care either way as 100g or even 500g a week is nothing to me so it’s not relevant to me if duel spec is in the game or not.

I doubt it would increase PVP participation much. it’s one of those things where people say they want it and then ultimately they still just raid log.

Since I don’t really care I stay out of these duel spec threads but if it’s not just for PVP my concern is guilds expecting people to have two raiding specs, both PVE, with the gear and everything, and swap between them during raids. Even going to a major city first would not change this as two people can zone out of the raid and summon back while the group keeps clearing trash. I also don’t think a cooldown would prevent this completely.

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People can do that now. It just cost 50 gold. And you don’t care about spending that gold. So why don’t they? Yet somehow if we make it even harder to do it with not just a change in a major city but also a cool down guilds will suddenly start requiring it and everyone will be forced to do it. Why?

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That’s a fine counterpoint. I guess I could just see a greater number of guilds expecting it from people if it were more part of the game.

Honestly, I don’t want to debate duel spec because I don’t really care about this. That’s my only concern.