Club for people that used Creation Catalyst on non-tier gear

Can you please stop bullying?

By outside source, I mean the information isn’t communicated in the game itself or it isn’t communicated well enough. Usually in most games I’ve played, there is an introductory quest line that explained how a new system works, it’s location, the currency used, the lore behind it…etc.

I read everything so I didn’t make this mistake, I’m just very annoyed that it has a 6 day cooldown, WHY TIME GATE B*TCHES WHY !!!

Just put him (fake her) on ignore like I did… makes the forums a better place. Thallia is one of the worst people on these boards, period.

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It takes a severe lack of knowledge to put the wrong item into the CC and hit the button.

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I love how you spent three entire days being part of the group driving into the ground how important personal pronouns are and then see fit to toss this out as an insult.

He was joking around and you’re just harassing me.

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Good thing I asked my questions about Creation Catalyst on GD forums last week and got my questions answered. Someone linked the WoWHead info about it. That’s when I learned about Tier pieces that dont give 2pc and 4 pc set bonus.

The Youtube video about it says it would show you what the conversion item would look like before you convert it. Would be able to get the info of the stats and set abilities that it would become. I am fine on mine.

Good luck to those who failed on the conversion. To me, it’s their fault why they have problems.


Wow, that would be a lot of doll houses!

if you’d read the tooltip you’d see anything other than legs gloves helm shoulders and chest doesn’t have the set bonus on. reading is fun

So, I just want to get this out there… I totally called this last week…

And you didn’t believe me! :laughing:


idk why there is so much un-reversible timegated stuff in wow. It’s just bad customer service

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I feel slightly bad for the people who made a mistake.

I understand wanting to commiserate. But the blame is squarely on the user. It literally tells you what you’re creating. It literally asks you are you sure. And then you have to click OK. There was a lot of Accident proof.

I’m sorry you feel bad just do better next time

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He does “smugly superior” in every post

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Same ol’ Blizzard? They sure enjoy a game of blame the victim.

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THey give a warning when you use the catalyst that has a time before a person can accept.

They have it so players can mouse over to see if the item goes towards bonus are not .

They have made the whole thing dummy proof but unfortunately this thread just shows that dummy proof isn’t enough to keep people from doing stupid stuff.

Now they will have to dummy proof the dummy proofing.

Blizz makes plenty of mistakes in my book but this isn’t one of them . THis is on the players.

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You were right

It’s hard to believe people can miss the obvious when it’s that obvious.

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How is this possible? Someone who does this kind of is the joke.

I did my pants and I still triple checked to make sure I didn’t end up one of the dummies.

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If people can’t figure out exactly what they’re getting by looking at the item preview, I believe we are de-evolving as a species.



This gonna be fun

Imagine not knowing how tier works in 2022

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