Club for people that used Creation Catalyst on non-tier gear

LeVar Burton could be the new Clippy! He pops up with the tooltip to make sure you read it thoroughly

That’s not how it works. A problem doesn’t suddenly exist because people say it does. There’s a “shear volume of complaints” about everything. Problems existing is NOT a democracy.

Have you ever heard about math?
If something is happening to a resoneable amount of ppl, math says theres a problem.

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Is there any advantage in upgrading non-tier slots? Or is this just a cosmetic change?

The advantage to make ppl miss crafting and get one more week of players. They need time to 9.2.5 and the more ppl delay on dropping tier set and/or crafting it, the better

That’s not how it works. A reasonable amount of people think the earth is flat. That doesn’t make them right.

Just because “a reasonable amount of people” messed up their creation catalyst lockout, that doesn’t mean there’s a larger issue here.

It just means “a reasonable amount of people” can’t read.

You can reroll the stats.

Depends on the class. Priest for example can turn a badly statted 278 wrist into a decent statted one through the catalyst.

Doesnt make them right but it DOES says theres a problem

Thanks good to know.

You seemed to be confused. If you get recurring complaints about the same thing it usually means there’s a problem.

You may not like it but blizz didn’t do a good enough job with teaching the players base how the creation catalyst works in game.

They can tweet/post on forums all day but a lot of people don’t follow.

Blizzard didn’t communicate it well enough in game and decided to use outside communication to explain an in game system.

If reading comprehension was the problem, they probably wouldn’t even be able to install the game or even know where the CC is.

You are taking something that is an absolute undisputed fact and equating it to a game system that doesn’t necessarily have a right or wrong way to operate.

Not the same at all.

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The ultimate trolling of this expansion by Blizzard, gg

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Yeah, you’re right, the problem is people can’t read or pay attention to the game apparently.

They did communicate it well enough. They show you exactly what the piece will turn into before you convert.

The game is rated T for teen. It is expected that you have the intelligence of a teenager, at the very least.


Then what do you suggest for the resolution of this problem? Should everyone who made a mistake get banned or unsub?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just communicate it better?

No they didnt.
Do you remember when u first crafted your legendary? There was a questline asking you to do every single step to get your leggo.
This tier set forge is just a BAIT! They need time to 9.2.5 and thats how they figured out how to keep ppl playing.

They know as soon as ppl get KSM and AOTC, servers population goes WAAAAY down. Im almost 2.400 (close to KSM). The 4 pieces tier set will make it SO easy to acomplish. Same for AOTC, regarding that Jailers fight is a joke comparing to Sylvanas and Denathrius.

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Can’t have a resolution if no problem exists. And no, a few people making a silly mistake because they chose not to pay attention is not a problem.

Banned? No. Unsub? Sure, if the game is too complex for them, that might be something they wish to consider. No shame in that.

It makes more sense for people to read and actually pay attention to something for more than 2 seconds.

It also includes World Boss and Sand Relic Gear

cosmetic change and stat reforging

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What outside source ? This is from their own official forums in fact this is from the GD forums

This tells people what gear has the bonus and what does not .

Plus add in the fact that they give a timer and ask if a person is sure before accepting along with a mouse over so people can check the item .

I guess we just have to agree to disagree.

Honestly, if someone can be this stupid, they really need it brought to their attention of just how stupid they are. If natural selection was still allowed to play itself out, they simply wouldn’t exist.

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