The open creation catalyst 6 days early challenge

1 week CD and hard to obtain mats babyyyy.


Cosmic flux is not hard to obtain.


Everyone knows it’s a one week cooldown and people have known about the gear that’s needed for a while. Did they just not save vault drops or something?

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What mats? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s a piece of gear and a bunch of flux. That’s it.


What other mats are needed other than flux and an eligible item?

like what though?

I mean if someone is stupid enough to think it’s anything other than what they’ve stated, the rage will just be good forum entertainment.

Yeah, I don’t know what this means either.

Brewa is just madge other people are going to actually get to have fun and wants to be a sour puss about the whole thing. Only HE is allowed to have fun.

People can’t read, though.


this. unless blizz changes it last second, all you need is an item. and up to 2k flux. boom kapow, you get one tier piece a week.

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It’s for completing a transmog set for non-tier items you can’t get in raid…

I tough you need mats, but knowing blizzard they will not make it so simple. That is to easy if its just flux.


I imagine the typical forum trolls have their catalyst rage posts already written as well.

The main thing is going to be that (unless there was a monumental design change that I somehow missed) we’ll only be able to create 1 piece of tier on Tuesday.

Then we have to wait weeks for it to charge up again.

And that’s going to outrage people. Because I’m pretty sure most folks who are going to complain about it have no idea.

The sheer number of posts I’ve had to make explaining “no, that’s not how that works” about all sorts of things in 9.2 (and Shadowlands in general) has been really depressing.

Not “weeks”. 1 week.

We’ll see, I guess.

One week. Not weeks. And the cooldown gets shorter as time passes.

Literally everyone here has been whining about the week cooldown since the Catalyst was announced.

A lot of people also think the stats from the non-tier piece will carry over.

They’re also going to be upset.

Here is a friendly accent man to explain it for anyone who’s still curious.

you can’t fix stupid :woman_shrugging:

people who are so helpless or intellectually lazy they can’t read an article on wowhead to understand how it works are going to be mad. darn.

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