Classic is getting very toxic...and it's dangerous

I’m simply at a loss, Classic started out so well, everyone was nice and excited wanting to just help each other and have fun…but now, everyone seems so toxic and angry, booting people from groups left and right, only inviting certain classes to dungeon groups, this is NOT a “vanilla like” experience, not anymore.

The problem that I see is everyone decided to focus on min/max, LFG is now spellcleave only, people get kicked from groups left and right for not being amazing, and why is over half the population warriors/mages/priests? Oh, because they watched streamers tell them those are the best classes, again, more min/max.

Why can’t people enjoy the game, help each other out and just play? What’s the point of min/max in this version of WoW? Raiding in Classic is a joke, it’s crazy easy and the point of Classic is community and the world itself above all else. Classic currently has a more toxic community than retail, that’s bad and it seems to only be getting worse and if it continues, it will die.

Background: I’ve played WoW since closed beta in 2004. I was in a top 10 guild in vanilla, Wendigo Brewing Company on Skullcrusher, I was rank 12 in vanilla battlegrounds. So this is not coming from someone who is bad at the game, it’s coming from someone who can see how others are being treated. Even in a top 10, I never witnessed such toxic behavior as I see in normal dungeons pre-60.

EDIT I feel it is important to add that most of the sour behavior I have seen is post level 35 when leveling starts taking longer, many of the more casual players slow down or quit Classic altogether, and Dungeon Cleave groups start being all the rage.


It was that toxic back then.


All the examples of negativity you’ve given I’ve seen the opposite in generosity.

You might be lookin for negative things idk…


This might vary from realm to realm.

I’m on Bloodsail Buccaneers, and I do not see much toxic behavior. People are generally friendly and happy to work together. Sure, I’ve seen a few idiots, like a lock who kept pulling aggro and insisting he was a monster despite the DPS meter placing him below our tank and healer. However, most of the players I have met thus far have been pretty nice.


BB is best server :yum:


Nothing new honestly


I saw this coming because this is kinda how the private servers worked. That’s why gaming in the modern era is lower quality.

This also explains horde disparities on PvP servers and alliance disparities on PvE servers.

Maybe if it dies there will be enough people left over to form a better community?

The reality is that Vanilla was casual and anything “hardcore” was achieved with enough time, luck, effort and grinding. WHICH IS FINE AND WHY IT DID WELL.


That’s what happens when you look at the past with rose-tinted glasses.

There were a fair number of toxic folks back in vanilla. Always have been.

But there are some good folks, too.

It is what it is.


The players are so jaded after 15 years. Also it was kinda toxic back in vanilla. We were just so blinded by how awesome the game felt that we didn’t see the toxicity, but it was there.


This really does vary from realm to realm based on testimonies from players. It’s pretty much assured that the servers with ludicrous populations have attracted some pretty bad characters & trolls overall.

Not much you can do about that except ignore it, take action by pushing them out of your groups, or moving to another server that seems more welcoming.


Not everyone is like that. I certainly have found decent groups and I often form groups myself. We had 3 hunters me and 1 priest one time. It was fine. Not everyone is min maxing like that.


Yeah. When I was leveling or doing anything in Barrens I auto turn chat off. Same with trade chat. Sadly LFG chat is also become bad.

If i want to read toxic crap I’ll go read reddit.


Yes to these! BB is the best! :grin:


I’m sure BB is has much less toxicity as it is a RP PVE server. I’m on Stalagg which is a PvP server, and a packed one at that, but PvP is why I play the game and I have always played on PvP servers.

Simply contrasting my experiences thus far (lvl 40-50) with retail (max), and it just has not been great, I was not expecting the Retail community to actually be more reasonable than Classic.


I’m on Fairbanks, to date, tanking most of my trip up to 32, I have had 2 people that were mean. So the ratio is about .02% give or take. Dunno what’s wrong with your realm.


Definitely not.

Form your own groups.

I doubt it’s just “not being amazing.” In any case, form your own groups.

Because those classes are good and people know it.

Playing a good class is not min/maxing, and it’s not because of streamers; it’s because those classes are demonstrably better than most. It doesn’t take a genius to realize this.

Also, Warriors can be any race, so they’ll obviously be the most common class. Mages can be 4/8 races, and Priests can be 5/8 races.

The least played classes are Shaman, Paladin, and Druid. Druid can be only 2/8 races, and Shaman/Paladin are restricted by faction.

They can. Just because you don’t like how people are playing doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying the game. People are helping each other, and they obviously are playing, even according to yourself.

To improve yourself.

It’s not up to you to decide what people enjoy about Classic.

This post is basically just you saying “you’re having fun wrong!”

That’s because it actually has a community. Retail does not.


To be honest the game didn’t feel that awesome. It was mostly the community that kept us together playing. To be honest, as someone playing in Vanilla, the game was kinda bad. The community is entirely what made the game function.


Yep, it’s way more difficult to get into a group now compared to back then. Everyone just wants to AoE farm, this was not a normal occurrence back then. LFG is nothing but “LFM 3 Mages SM Cath farm.”, that’s just ridiculous.


Kraisqf gets it. The community is what made this game great. Additionally, the game did not have built in mechanics to dissolve community, such as LFR/LFG/Phasing, these are a big deal because they destroyed the most important aspect of Vanilla, community.


But it did have instanced dungeons, which damaged community, and made PVP opt-in even on PVP servers. Auction house damaged the community too. Vanilla WoW did a lot of things bad for the community, just not as bad as retail.