Classes and Item Tuning Incoming - May 3

I’d say it’s risky. The BrM 4pc is hella good.

Prot War is 100% safe lol.

You should be forum MVP, Jayne.

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Cris Carter ran a 4.6 iirc. Good route running > straight line speed.

Also, speed coming out of breaks > straight line speed.

tfw no prot warrior buffs

This is the downside to FotM players. And yes, there should be a downside. I only wish the downside was much larger for FotM rerollers.

Season 1 BFA M+.

They were running around with a 50-80% uptime on Dancing Rune Weapon which made them S+ tier for keys and even raiding.

I’d like to share my thoughts on the BDK change.

BDK is overperforming, the tier set is a major factor and we cannot deny that.

However, players and guilds have spent months grinding and gearing BDKs that with this change, will lose a substantial amount of damage, survival as well as invalidate valor/Great vault rewards that where used to stack haste gear.

This changes takes the wind out of BDK players mid progression. An acknowledgment of the issue, a lower cap for the strength stacks, nerfing Jailer mace for BDK specifically and further tuning/adjustments for 9.2.5 once the tier is finished, would have been much preferred.

Thank you.

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In especial for tanking bosses, plus, VDH and Brewmaster always strong because they bring an unique raid buff that only their classes can bring, so if you have a VDH you don’t need Havoc and Brewmaster you don’t need to bring Windwalker.

The logic of “don’t nerf us because we already spent time gearing our fotm swapping players” is so beyond me to understand.

To me the set bonus should have never made it live first of all. How they never realized allowing an extremely powerful defensive/offensive cooldown to be up almost permanently would be a good idea was moronic.

Now it’ll still have high uptime for its power, but not like 80% uptime.

Imagine if other specs just a permanent offensive and defensive cooldown lol.


:thinking: a 3% increase, to only be 15% worse than Sub instead of 18%.


Thank Lootcifer!

why do you hate boomkins

That is a very pedantic argument that you keep accusing others of fotm swap players.

Either the bonus went live or BDK wouldn’t make into high keys, which surprisingly your class makes into easily without them. Should we have brewmaster nerfed to bring it in line with BDK? That is pretty moronic and pedantic view.

It will have now roughly 40% uptime during a pull or fight where you are actively tanking.
Which is pretty idiotic because BDK is very weak without it.

Which is weird, VDH have had it throughout the expansion and I don’t see you even talking about it…

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I’m not FoTM reroller, I’ve played DK exlusively all expansion long and never complained or rerolled while doing less than healer DPS, having to spam taunt just to keep threat against pallies or frantically trying and failling to keep mobs off wars in M+. The strawman allegation was not needed and unproductive.

Historically, overpowered/degen play styles, like pally glimmer, are met with adjustments that don’t ravage the playstyle in the middle of a tier. This is because it’s understood that, while maybe it should not have gone live as is, it’s butchering a playstyle that players have already spent significant time and resources on, creating very negative player experience.

Never said not to nerf if, rather, instead of a knee jerk reaction from watching MDI I’m advocating for blizz to open a thread about addressing the issue; Here’s the issue, we’re capping strength stacks at 30 for now, here’s what we’re thinking in the coming weeks, please discuss, let’s address the DRW uptime issue without making guilds drop their DKs on M jailer because 95k melees are too much for them without DRW up. Maybe a look at CRW legendary, Shackle spread in M+ or Tombstone all giving DRW massive CDR/infinite runes to spam HS.

What’s misunderstood is that BDK’s power has all come from Borrowed power stacking on top of each other and synergizing to create an inflated packaged, from tier to leggo to shackle to gavel. Baseline BDK is actually very weak.

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If you are 251 ilv and 1.3k M+ score after 10 weeks into patch 9.2 of course you won’t understand as this min/max conversation is so irrelevant to you.

Imagine you can only keep 30-40% uptime of Brewmaster staggering in combat.

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What nerfs for destro? Their ST was bad and is kinda meh now.

Why not compare DRW to actual defensive cooldowns like fortifying brew, metamorphosis, shield wall, etc.?

Not to mention the massive offensive buff DRW also provides.

People trying to equate it to stuff like demonic spikes and stagger and ignore pain for some reason like that’s an applicable comparison, not to mention the offensive aspects of it.

Yeah, if fortifying brew was now 80% uptime AND gave a massive dps bonus that would get nerfed pretty hard.

Tbh the brewmaster 4p should be nerfed some as well.

Why do they do things like this?

Calling nothing “something” makes players angry when the wrapper comes off. Blizzard could have done nothing and caused less ire than they did with this fix.

The time for token motions is over. How in the world can that company not understand this? Blizzard almost needs a talented PR person to edit every single outward facing action the company takes. The folks working at Blizzard don’t seem to appreciate the genuine anger and dissatisfaction of so many players.

I guess it’s hard to take it seriously when you get death threats, but… /sigh

I dunno.

I am so amazed and filled with wonder at the disconnect between the creators and the players of this game. It’s fascinating in its dysfunction. Payers want and purchase one thing. Creators accept payment and deliver something else.

How long will WoW’s initial successes allow the product to coast? It’s been coasting with small taps to the accelerator for at least 12 years now.


We’ve worked through a couple of modifications to our plans.

Death Knight

  • Blood
    • The First Eidolon’s Soulsteel (2-piece) set bonus: Heart Strike now increases the duration of Dancing Rune Weapon by 0.33 seconds (was 0.5 seconds).
    • The First Eidolon’s Soulsteel (2-piece) set bonus: maximum Strength stack cap is now 40 (was 75).

We will modify the planned adjustment to the Dancing Rune Weapon extension from the 2-piece bonus, reducing the maximum stack cap of the Strength bonus down to 40 from 75. Our initial goal was to rein in the power from the overall set bonus as it far exceeded our expected value for a tier bonus when played well. However, this nerf also hit the lower end harder than intended while also making Blood feel worse playing around optimal gearing and mechanical play to maximize the potential of the bonus. We will instead shift to reducing the maximum Strength cap so that the playstyle of the set bonus remains relatively unchanged but the damage capabilities (and to a lesser extent some of the defensive power) are pulled back some to a more appropriate value.


  • Outlaw
    • All damage abilities increased by 4%.

We’d like to extend our thanks to the community for all of your discussion on the proposed adjustments. We really appreciate being able to harness the power of your feedback before making changes to the live game.