Classes and Item Tuning Incoming - May 3

100% of that was false. My Outlaw is a cannon. it is not a glass cannon. I can give damage. I can take it too.

I play it because it is fun, not because it is “easy”. I play all classes and most specs and I can tell you that it is not the only “easy” spec floating around.

wouldnt get excited about 3-4% honestly.

fury warrior had a couple passes of +3%flat at some point and i didnt notice the first one at all.

when its time to nerf tho… 12% here! ruin the cooldown reduction there! BAM (sorry frost mages lol)

it’s okay elon will buy microsoft-blizzard and put a deep learning AI on the balancing job :stuck_out_tongue:

** I think the linkage design of the Blood DK suit and the Covenant this time is perfect, not because the DK is too powerful, but because other professions are not perfectly designed in terms of linkage. You shouldn’t modify the perfect professional design because other professions have problems. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?** :hushed:

If it’s fun then good. Glad you’re enjoying it.
But it doesn’t change the fact that it takes 0 effort to play and gets invited to groups easily.

Of course not. In fact most specs fall under that bracket.
But most specs at least have a non-meta build that you can spec into for more depth and challenge in your rotation if you desire.
BM does not even have the option for indepth game play. The most depth the spec has is stack Frenzy 3x.

ah gotcha. it was in the middle of the hunter banter. =]

I don’t envy or pity them, because they do this to themselves. Every expansion they reinvent the wheel in terms of classes, when they could just get them to a good spot and make tweaks/additions.

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exactly. if it ain’t broke… don’t fix.

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I find arms PvP strength is not in its damage, but in CC and ability to harass, annoy, and run the f*** away if played right. It isn’t viable as solo PvP but idk, there’s a certain charm to it. My warrior is doing ok in arms, I’d be willing to let the fix ride since PvP is kinda garbage fire quality anyways this expansion. Not like we’re gonna catch up any at this point anyways. But I agree, there should be something done before the end of the expansion at the very least or (Elune save us, should it ever come out…) we will have to suffer holding our ‘Arms’ out all of Shadowlands Classic too…

Please reconsider the BDK nerf as people already invested so much time and efforts in the mid-season just to follow the meta. A numeric nerf on the strength stack is good enough.


Do not nerf us!

Long rant goes here<

Took 43k in 0.6 seconds from a destro lock while in arena yesterday. Can we get some tuning on this?

Please do not nerf the uptime. We accepts the fact that our dps is over-scale but you can achieve the balance by reducing the upper limits of stacks. Hope you re-consider this hot fix.


I think this is called the “chasing fotm folly”

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Not sure if that is the case, he said that he spent a lot time gearing his character, not that he rerolled for DK because it was fotm.

Plus, 2 months ago, no one actually knew it would be this much powerful.

But since you’re accusing him of doing that, perhaps this is something you are used to… and you project onto others.


The issue isn’t that BDK needed some sort of nerf, it’s that the nerf cuts far into the class beyond DPS. Running Kyrian with 4p was the first time I didn’t have to worry about my fury warrior and DH pulling threat off the odd mob in a M+. There are mechanical issues with the class that this combination addressed, and then the 1% in MDI exploited to the point of absurdity. Now we’re going back into borderline functionality.


Ahem…still waiting for Blizzard to actually stop being lazy and fix feral AoE that they ruined in the PTR so I can actually get KSM on my feral.

Yeah, I started playing Blood DK since 8.3. I dont know why he said that.

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is brewmaster looking too strong as well? would like to know before i reroll so i dont have to do it again in 2 months

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I really think this is the wrong nerf for blood. The amount of time increase on rune weapon was the fun part as it was something fun to chase. Perhaps the strength bonus was too much and should be reduced, not the duration.

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