Devs Out here Patting Themselves on the Back

Again, im not saying if they were right or not. I’m just saying this was what people were thinking. It’s not just them. I have a 2400io blood dk friend that I do keys with and he thought the same thing. It seems like they were right too because blizzard reverted the changes and did a different fix.

nahj went into this season saying rogue mage wasn’t good anymore because everyone got stam bonus from trinket 2pc

then got gladiator day like 3 of the season when the only people above 2200 were rmps

there is almost nothing worse than being someone that watches someone else and regurgitates their opinions without playing or understanding why those opinions are good


Yep, that checks out lmao.


I don’t know what youre trying to do here but my opinion wasnt formulated because of what other people were saying. I simply stated that the overall feeling from everyone who does m+ and it was the first changed killed BDK. Not just streamers but regular average joes thought the same thing and it turns out to be true because blizzard changed the hotfix. Arena forums being arena forums.

I don’t even know how you got that I made my opinions from watching a stream. You literally made that up. You also made up that I didn’t understand the first hotfixes that were released when I even broke it down in a previous comment. You literally came in here to be a horrible troll.

But sure quote a selection of my words to fulfill your troll agenda and not the context of my statement.

Requires least brainpower to have an opinion.

Think it’s a major reason why “reaction” videos are so popular. Why analyze a thing when someone can provide that analysis instead

I just think it’s hilarious that someone will take time to express an opinion when the reality is, it isn’t really their opinion. It’s someone else’s opinion.

“Why do you think that?”

“Oh, cause uh… he said so.”

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u definitely uh… idk

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That’s kinda my question to you. Why do you think anyone here cares about m+ keys?

MY opinion came from being a m+ healer and healing BDKs not from streams.

You said this nowhere at all though.

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Lmao something is wrong with you all, that’s like you saying the general consensus is destro is overtuned because you see everyone saying this. That doesnt make it true or not that destro is overtuned but its what everyone says. That’s not giving your opinion. Youre just stating the general consesus.

no one cares about m+ keys around here

My man, your thought process there was very flawed and silly. Also these are not the same thing, we can visually see how destro works in every stream, and see that it is literally absolutely broken. We can see rep set up 15% overnight.

None of that is shown with Bdk, only assumptions without having played it. Stop being obtuse man, your statements relied HEAVILY on twitch streams, as you said yourself.

Your logic is flawed.

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what??? bro destro is beyond overtuned in pvp with four set bonus and resolve trinket like what??? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Dozer, I already understand you lack comprehension skills. So I won’t even address you lol

Again the general consensus was that it killed BDK, I saw that in streams, discords, forums etc. And being a 3k m+ healer myself reading the changes felt the same way. Like I said was stating the general consensus. Not saying it was wrong or right. But this is what people thought in the m+ community. I don’t get your issue.

my man, please.

Simba i like you so im not gonna try to be snark or dunk on you or be an all around donkey

but dont lead w/ this as your source for stuff
people say some wild stuff on stream and usually it’s pretty subjective opposed to objective, aka anecdotal
idk if that comes off kinda douchey but i assure you it’s not intended if it was

speaking of anecdotes about bdk
i have mine
most i ran with said it made bdks significantly less dominant but it wasn’t too bad

Numenorean, just knock it off. You’re also not helping the situation. Just let him think what he wants to think. It’s that simple.