Devs Out here Patting Themselves on the Back

Ignoring massive feedback on trinkets since the second they were announced but they sure do think they’re doing a great job even though Resolve still exists.


Them listening about the bdk change is good, though, isn’t it? Instead of tweaking functionality and potentially breaking the way a particular setup plays they just dialed the numbers back a bit.


They can harness bdk feedback and ignore PvP feedback, got it.

no choice i have to simp blizzard for basically doing this with the enhancement shaman mp5 nerfs going into this season that they reverted after complaints

hopefully we see more of this going forward and hopefully for pvp
I think they said something hiring more pvp focused devs in an interview


Yeah they’re currently being onboarded per holinka

Deciding against tweaking the mechanics/functionality of a kit and instead simply reducing some numbers to nerf the spec is pretty easy relative to figuring out how to make satisfying adjustments to echoing resolve short of removing it.

Yeah. I’m still wishing they adjusted Die By The Sword CD via the conduit or rank 2 upgrade and/or ignore pain rather than halve Defensive Stance.

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If it’s the same interview I’m thinking of, that position was actually for a Dev that designs BGs, it had nothing to do with balancing.

rest in pieces

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They didn’t listen to people about blood DK, the issue was them doing omega damage even beating dps specs. What they should have done was cap the strength modifier instead what they end up doing is killing both damage and mitigation for death knights. People in the m+ community are saying this makes Blood DK unplayable in high keys.

My issue with Blizzard is rarely ever finding “balance” either something is mega broken or mega bad. As a player how that affects the feel of a class sucks. You wake up one day read the class you put a lot of effort in drops way off in a single hotfix or patch. Maybe there is no middle ground. Look at destro, went from barely seeing it to now 7/10 games is destro. Hpriest went from “it’s only good in RMP” to 45% representation in 2s, 3s. And the best healer in all content PvE & PvE. I’m starting to think players ask too much of blizzard and there’s no such thing as balance.

Isn’t that what they changed, though?

DRW also gives blood DKs parry mitigation which is huge for a class that doesn’t really have mitigation, what they did was reduce the amount of time you can keep DRW up. Yes that also reduces the amount of strength you can stack but it also reduces mitigation at the same time. What they should have done instead of heart strike giving 1% strength during DRW, they could have made it give 0.5% or 0.3% strength instead. That way DKs keep the mitigation and lose the omega dps. They were just lazy with this fix.

My bad here, I didn’t know they updated the hotfixes. What I saw was the initial changes, I just read the new changes and they are changing the strength modifier and not the duration of DRW. So I give blizzard credit on this one, they listened to people and adjusted the changes.

This is one of the most consistently incorrect statements levied by every gaming community ever.

Maybe but I watch a lot of streams of the highest rated BDKs and other high rated m+ players and before the updated hotfixes that’s what they were all saying. I don’t know if it was correct or not but it is what they said.

Yeah, lots of high rated players say lots of stupid stuff all the time though. Imagine if we actually believed every rogue mage that said it was bad every single season since it became a thing?

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Again, im not saying if they were right or not. I’m just saying this was what people were thinking. It’s not just them. I have a 2400io blood dk friend that I do keys with and he thought the same thing. It seems like they were right too because blizzard reverted the changes and did a different fix.

nahj went into this season saying rogue mage wasn’t good anymore because everyone got stam bonus from trinket 2pc

then got gladiator day like 3 of the season when the only people above 2200 were rmps

there is almost nothing worse than being someone that watches someone else and regurgitates their opinions without playing or understanding why those opinions are good


Yep, that checks out lmao.


I don’t know what youre trying to do here but my opinion wasnt formulated because of what other people were saying. I simply stated that the overall feeling from everyone who does m+ and it was the first changed killed BDK. Not just streamers but regular average joes thought the same thing and it turns out to be true because blizzard changed the hotfix. Arena forums being arena forums.

I don’t even know how you got that I made my opinions from watching a stream. You literally made that up. You also made up that I didn’t understand the first hotfixes that were released when I even broke it down in a previous comment. You literally came in here to be a horrible troll.

But sure quote a selection of my words to fulfill your troll agenda and not the context of my statement.