Characters missing after realm merge

all my characters that were on the US realm Blackrock have Vanished with the recent merge.

On the forums or in game?

In game, just sort your servers by name, then find your server in the list.


thank you very much


Is there a list of what servers merged with what? I recently just returned to the game and am missing some characters but have no idea which server mine might of merged with.

Here are the most recent:

  1. Realm Connections -- August 13

  2. Realm Connections -- August 4

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All my characters from US Boulderfist are missing as well, no matter how I sort the servers I cannot see them.

I assure you … we are all still there. Though, admittedly, I cannot see mine here on the Forums as of yet. They are still listed in game. Odd that sorting it by realm name is not letting you see Boulderfist listed.

Also, /wave to a realm mate.

So I restarted the game, twice, and now I can see Boulderfist. Really weird. Also this is my toon from there, for some reason it auto selected the DH when I posted, lol.

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All my characters on Blackrock are gone also and aren’t listed in the character search or in game when sorting by realm.

You sort the realms and look for Blackrock. It may not show as having characters on it, but they should show once you select Blackrock.

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What if you’ve lost access to characters on the forums?

Unfortunately with the forums, all you can do is wait for it to catch up and repopulate those characters to be able to post from.