Characters deleveled - Khadgar

I would wait a few days, and see if Blizzard is able to fix the issues for everyone (or most everyone), before touching duplicated characters. They may get cleaned up as Blizzard goes through and sorts everything back out. If not, you’re more than welcome to submit a ticket asking what you should do.

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You would need to file a ticket to have this looked at.

Our guild bank has been all sorts of busted since Tuesday. I’m assuming it’s because I’m guild leader and my broken guild status hasn’t been fixed yet (just waiting on the ticket). Because technically isn’t the guild bank owned by the leader?

If it’s not fixed when my guild status is repaired, then I guess I make ticket number 3.

Now if I can just get my main back I’ll be happy.

Yep, same, still gone. Was your main on Khadgar during Cataclysm? I believe I may have moved mine to Mal’ganis during that time period to play with some friends. That’s likely why this character disappeared due to this bug.

I am pleased that some of my characters have been restored. It appears they are having to do this on an account and individual character basis which is much more time intensive, but hopefully more accurate and less likely to impact others. All things considered, this has been a quick response once the issue was realized and investigated. I still have my 120 hunter who was downleveled to level 1 (She was recreated on Khadgar after I changed servers from my 2005 original server sometime before WoD and I think maybe boosted, so that would explain the extreme downlevel. Still freaked me the heck out to see her in starter gear with a starter pet tho lol). I am hopeful that she will be corrected soon. I did have some “ghosts” return (deleted toons back) but those are easily fixed by me if not by support. Otherwise, pretty pleased with the handling so far. Thank you all, support team, for your understanding of the panic and handling of the issues.

An update on this. A guildmate mentioned he saw an alt of mine get promoted to guild leader and log off. I got a ticket reply and the GM said he fixed my issue of Geraith being desync’d with the guild.

All the GM did was remove Geraith from the guild and make my alt the Guild Leader. In doing so, now the entire guild bank is empty. I’m worried about getting Geraith re-invited without breaking more things.

I honestly don’t remember. I did do some realm jumping back some time ago, so it is possible.

have you checked the mail on that alt? Perhaps the contents of the guild bank got sent to you via mail. I know the system does that when someone disband a guild. With the way things have been screwy, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility

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It looks like they were able to get you back into the guild, promoted and the guild bank is now showing again, Geraith. At least in testing. Hopefully, you see the same thing.


/wave. Still waiting.

I understand that, Quill, and I’m sorry that you are. Your issue is not the same as this recent one though. Yours was specifically escalated to be looked into and resolved. I don’t have any information I can provide, sorry.


Today the lvl 85 paladin version of myself appeared on my character select screen and I still have my 120 version.

Yep, another GM contacted me an hour after the post and mentioned the previous one forgot to do a step in the process. Everything is now back to normal for me. Well, other than our guild achievements. A bunch of the MoP ones had their date reset to today, and we have a lot of PvP ones that have all criteria met, but are not completed. Here’s a picture-

It’s not the end of the world, and I assume they’ll come back once we start PvPing. Edit-Can confirm. Getting a kill on the race completes the achievements.

Thanks again for following up! :slight_smile:


Day 3 without my Main. I must be one of the unlucky ones. Main is missing, guild bank empty.
I just recently re-subbed to play catch up on corruption content, and now time is running out. My daughters character was missing but got restored yesterday. What a mess.

You won’t have much to catch up on as far as corruption, considering that goes away soon, with the prepatch.


The fact that it’s going away soon is the very reason I was wanting to experience it.

My main once again is gone. It has 100% disappeared off my character list.

Just to be sure I understand, Icenea. You earlier had a level 85 Icenea and a 120 Icenea on the account, correct? And suddenly the 120 disappeared but the 85 is still there?


Correct, idk what is going on but it getting really old now.